Can Cannabis Oil Cause Memory Loss to a Person with Cancer?

My mum is suffering from lung cancer and got metastases to her brain. She went through radiation and chemo. She is taking cannabis oil as a very STRONG dose, and she is in remission. Have anyone experienced with the cannabis oil, if it can cause loss of memory when taking the oil?

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    Short term memory loss and Cannabis have always gone hand in hand. It is my biggest CON with it. However, to me, it is worth the relief of symptoms I get from it :). An interesting article I read is that cannabis is showing promise in treating Dementia and Altheimer. Kind of ironic if you ask me… but that's one more GREAT thing about it.


    Yes, I have small non-cell lung cancer and have been taking a gram a day for a little over three months, I do get the short term memory loss from it. Although everything shrunk down after my last scan – also you get brain fog from chemo. Chemo in the brain is more likely the memory loss issue I believe.


      It was my mother's husband who mentioned that suddenly she could NOT remember a phone conversation she just had with me and when he asked her for her birthday she could NOT remember that AS Well.

      I was with her yesterday, and she did NOT have any problem so I thought she must have Been High. Her husband thinks that her personality has changed, but then again he does NOT know anything about how cannabis oil work. I thought I lost her a few days back as she was very sick and she then got the paste and CBD in capsules and then she went back to life.

      It was amazing to see she is fully functional and the cancer is very aggressive the doctors gave up, but she is still here.


    If she had radiation on the head most likely, that could be the cause. My father had a brain tumor the size of a softball and had radiation afterward and, his memory started to fail. Radiation got rid of the tumor. I find my memory isn't as good as before using cannabis.

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