Can Colloidal Silver (CS) Help in Healing Septic Shock due to a Ruptured Bowel?

Asking for a friend – if someone were totally septic due to a ruptured bowel, would taking colloidal silver do more harm than good?? There is so much infection throughout her whole body that I’m afraid the colloidal silver would shock her system. The antibiotics she’s on are so strong and killing her liver but not doing much for her infection. Any ideas sight is appreciated.

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    I am not a doctor, but my first instinct is to tell you that colloidal silver can ONLY do good in that situation. If she has sepsis (which I had and almost died from if not for CS), It is important to build up CS in the blood. I experience the nano colloidal silver passes the stomach acids and builds up at full strength in the blood, thereby killing any and all bad guys it is in contact with.


    Silver nanoparticles not only kill almost all bacteria but work in synergy with many antibiotics to restore lost effectiveness. The literature on this is definitive. For that reason, I cannot imagine that silver could do her anything but good.

    Silver kills any bacteria it finds. The reason it doesn’t wipe out beneficial bacteria is that by the time it gets that far down the digestive tract, other processes in the body have changed it to an inactive form.


      With all types of silver? Or ionic only?


        This study on mice showed that even when they were inundated with silver, their gut bacteria survived. This study used particles of 20 and 110 nm sizes. Here’s a quote from it:

        Thus, in contrast to effects of broad-spectrum antibiotics, repeat dosing of AgNP, at doses equivalent to 2000 times the oral reference dose and 100-400 times the effective in vitro anti-microbial concentration, does not affect the indigenous murine gut microbiome.


          The kind of infection such as you’re describing pretty much overrides any other concerns. In the case of systemic infection such as hers, the addition of food grade hydrogen peroxide would be very important. Everything that any of us make is ionic.

          It is impossible to make a silver preparation using electricity that is not ionic.

          ION: an electrically charged atom or group of atoms formed by the loss or gain of one or more electrons, as a cation (positive ion) which is created by electron loss and is attracted to the cathode in electrolysis, or as an anion (negative ion) which is created by an electron gain and is attracted to the anode.

          The only way to make a silver preparation that is not ionic is to dissolve the silver with an acid.


    Hi there, how would you dose the colloidal silver for the sepsis to build it up in the blood?

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