Can Kids Be Autistic if they are Vaccine-Free?

Can kids be autistic if they are vaccine-free? This might be a very stupid question, but I don’t have kids, never tried to, but I’m extremely strong in my beliefs not to vaccinate, and I’d like to educate myself before I start this journey. Please, explain why or why not. Thank you in advance.

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    Yes, it happens. There are many things that can cause an overload of toxins. There are also genetic issues that can cause autism-like symptoms. My son has a genetic issue and was brain damaged at birth, so he was always different, then he got "caught up" just before his first birthday, and that couldn't have helped. He's autistic and has some other issues, and I think it's a combo of all these things.

    Kaiser put him on an accelerated schedule. That was 14 years ago, and I didn't know what I know now, but I believe they gave him several of the same shots at once and know that they gave him the MMR early. Since they gave it a few days before he was one, it didn't count for school, and he had to get it again. 🙁


    There are other ways to get heavy metals besides vaccines. Or just gut Dysbiosis from GMOs or tap water or baby being born via C-section or all sorts of things. If the gut's off, the brain is off. The only thing that comes to mind is when a woman is having a baby via C-Section is – the baby bypasses the vaginal canal where usually the baby would get inoculated with bacteria that is inside the vagina. Somehow this is important for developing a healthy gut. Majority of autistic kids have gastrointestinal problems. 


    It is also what the mother is exposed to during pregnancy. The food, the water, the air! Even vaccinations. Genetics I believe is a contributing factor, but again, is it genetic because of a toxin the parents or grandparents were exposed too? Toxins have been around as long as Autism.

    Even the so-called organic food we eat is NOT!! Not what we buy at the store anyways! Best bet is to grow your own… but even then, there are chem-trails that poison everything, even the rain comes down polluted with aluminium, barium, etc. We can do the best we can, and we should!

    I'm convinced that my son had autism before he was born (half kidding, but his movements were so different while I was pregnant than his sibling's). He also had a very traumatic birth, which may have contributed to it. My youngest has many autistic traits but does not meet the criteria for diagnosis, so I definitely support that there is a strong genetic component. I think some people have the tendency towards autism, but some environmental factor(s) can trigger it to varying degrees.


    I think that vaccines, GMO's & environmental toxins are creating mutations like the MTHFR & with 40-60% of the population having at least one of the mutations resulting in a 30-70% decrease/efficiency of methylation or detox, any toxin might be able to go to the brain & cause damage resulting in behaviours falling on the spectrum of Autism. ?

    And/or we are evolving & becoming more sensitive & our children are reflecting to us how toxic our habits/environment/medicine has become… Mother Nature's mirror?


    It's possible, but rare, due to mercury from other sources. Vaccines are the MAIN culprit of autism. All autistic children who are tested for mercury have it in their brains, and 98% have the Mthfr gene which inhibits the body's ability to detoxify heavy metals.

    The more mercury, the more severe the autism. Mothers who have high levels of mercury, such as from amalgam fillings, can pass it to the fetus. The fetus actually has a detoxing effect on the mother by absorbing the mercury. Children with autism have been found with mercury in their teeth, which form in the womb!

    This is why vaccinating pregnant women, especially with the flu vaccine, is insane! Vaccinating newborns and preemies are equally insane. The risk goes up exponentially if the mother is vaccinated while pregnant and the baby is vaccinated on day one, along with a genetic weakness, specifically the MTHFR gene.


    Keep in mind that autism is a spectrum, and the causes of autism for some of the high functioning aspie kids may be very different than the causes of autism for the low functioning, severely affected kids.

    I have no idea if vaccines are related to high-functioning autism. I would guess that at least some of those kids are just different due to genetics, but there may be other factors involved.

    Vaccines are absolutely involved in causing low functioning autism. There are simply too many stories of kids regressing into severe autism right after vaccines to believe otherwise. But I also believe that other toxins (from mercury dental fillings, pesticide exposure, etc.) can similarly cause autism in young children even when they have never been vaccinated.

    There is a KIGGS study, out of Germany, that shows a much higher incidence of many things in vaccinated vs non-vaccinated. Things such as autism, atopy, asthma, Scoliosis, and a total of about 10 things they looked at. You could check out that study.

    Yes, non-vaccinated people do get all these things. I believe it's environmental as well as from vaccines. Think of all the toxins around us, plus all the toxins they spray all over the crops that we eat. Plus, there have been several generations of vaccines, so there is bound to be genetic damage in their parents and grandparents.


    Billions of dollars are being spent trying to prove that the autism epidemic is genetic. “Genetic drift” the amount genes change over time, is 1% per 100 years. Therefore, with such a slow pace of change, there can be no such thing as a sudden ‘genetic epidemic.’ While a rare type of genetic autism may exist (at the background rate of ‘1 in 10,000’), the autism epidemic (at about ‘1 in 100’) cannot be due to genetic drift.

    In addition, if autism were genetic because it affects more males than females, geneticists teach us that it would have to be to an X-chromosome-linked disorder. (Girls, having two X chromosomes, would then have a good redundant chromosome, so the disorder would not manifest as often in females as in males who have only one X chromosome.)

    For a girl to have autism, then, she would need to receive a defective X-chromosome from each parent, meaning they both carried the defect. The problem lies in the fact that if the father has the defect to pass onto his daughter, and it is on his only X-chromosome, then he should be affected by the disorder as well. Since autistic daughters rarely, if ever, have autistic fathers, the theory that “autism is genetic” fails because its claim does not match the empirical evidence.


    The term genetics is used to explain autism. Yet what mainstream rhetoric will not explain is that humans are born perfectly pristine UNLESS its something foreign, artificial, unnatural distorts DNA. Whether it comes from malnutrition (poverty or GMO diet) or medicine (vaccines, OTCs, maintenance meds) or environment (pesticides or industry chemical fallout), these are the factors that created the DNA damage.

    Toxic pesticides were used since the days of the Industrial Revolution, the early 1800s. The pharma/Western medicine monopoly began in the 1930s – natural healing was banned from mainstream medicine. GMOs were introduced into our food supply the late 70s, early 80s. The vaccine schedule blew up in the late 80s. Fracking came into play this century.

    Add insult to that injury, 'modern science' has pretty much wiped out cooking skills and nutrition knowledge from too many folks.

    Humans are organic beings, but we're drowning in toxins while too many are lacking the skills to offset this. Our DNA is inevitably struggling. Genetics is a smokescreen. DNA damage didn't "just happen."


    Well, we have both types. My wife's oldest (I adopted him), she knew he had issues from just a few weeks old. The whole pregnancy was off. Everyone told her she was just doing things right or a bad mom. Come to find out he has a slew of different issues. We're still trying to figure out how to get him through school and such. He's 16 now and just acts like a brat, but it's the autism, etc.

    My oldest (6) changed shortly after getting the MMR. People tell us kids change about the time of that shot, nothing to worry about. The fact that we were 3 months late getting it (18months instead of 15), tells me it was the shot, which is what really got us looking into the vaccines. I didn't trust any of it anyway. I haven't had anything since I was like 10 or 12(30 now).

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