Can we Treat Cancer in Kidneys Naturally of a 17-Month Old Baby?

Can anyone offer guidance for me to help my friend? She just found out that her 17-month-old baby has cancer in both kidneys. My heart is breaking for her. She had a CT scan done today. Tomorrow she’s supposed to have a biopsy and put in a chemo port. Does anyone know of any holistic pediatricians in Ohio? Natural remedies for cancer? Any advice would be great. I’m praying she receives a miracle.

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    The only positive thing here is if the child survives she will not remember being sick since she is so young and will not have lifelong mental trauma.

    My friend's child survived cancer at 18 months and is now 5 and totally normal and healthy. Doesn't remember being sick, only knows to be a healthy child. He had to go through Chemo and got a stem cell/bone marrow donation. He had leukemia. He happened to have cancer that responded well to chemo (most do not).

    His mom and dad got pregnant and had a baby in the hopes of a match. Totally worked. Used the cord blood for the sick child. Now they have two healthy children!


    Detox, coffee enemas, organic food only, juicing, and contact a Naturopath to guide you. I would never submit to chemo or radiation. Look up the Gerson therapy. Listen to Dr. Joel Wallach, Dr. Peter Glidden, Dr. Tent, Ben Fuchs. From what I have read detoxing and getting the proper nutrition is most important.


    When my son's mole came back with cancerous cells, we went to Amanda Baum at Ragon Chiropractic in Green, Ohio. She gave him a few supplements to help stop the body attacking the cells and to focus on cleaning it out of his system.

    When they sent the mole into the lab once it was removed, it was cancer free. I can't say it will help in her situation, but I feel like it helped with ours. She is a chiropractor but does overall body health care. Also, I would do a candida cleanse diet immediately. As there is a link to candida and cancer. I'm so so so terribly sorry for your friend.

    These are the two supplements she gave: IAG (Arabinogalactans) & Dermatrophin PMG.


    Have her test the babies PH. It should stay above seven. Try to feed the baby alkaline foods. NO sugary foods! They make the body acidic. Use a glass of water about 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda.

    It should be dissolved before drinking. I've gotten used to the taste. It cheap easy to use & does not harm! Another thing is cancer lives off sugar. If your friend baby could eat veggies and no sugar food that would make a big difference. Remember we all have cancer cells and a good immune system will kill cancer — best of Luck to your friend.


    My cousin has a baby that was born with liver cancer. It was huge inside his belly. He went through chemo and cancer has been gone for many years. He is around 13 and healthy (not a holistic family). Good luck in whatever she chooses to do.


    They can support the baby with dialysis until she is able to get transplanted. Both parents should be tested to see if they match. It is very important that Cancer is fully contained in the kidneys with no metastasis. I would HIGHLY recommend the University of Nebraska Medical Center.


    Oh, please Lord Jesus, take this child to St. Jude. There is NO COST, and they will set up the protocols and then connect you with a pediatric oncologist in your area. The second choice would be the Cleveland Clinic.

    They are tremendous, and even your housing is free while your child is treated. Please don't waste time thinking about what to do. Every day counts for cancer kids. These two places are so fantastic.

    83% of children with cancer survive today if treated soon enough. My career was as a pediatric hospice RN. Believe me; you CAN and WILL get through this. 

    In the meantime, while you are waiting, please have your friend try the A diet with the child. It consists of apricots, avocados, apples, and almonds. You simply try to add some of each to the diet every day.

    It adds some extra nutrients and natural oils to the diet that are known to be cancer-fighting. Blessings and remember… Miracles do happen! I've seen a number of them. There are kids out there graduating from college that were once my baby patients with as little as a 3% chance of survival.


    Redox Signalling Molecules drink – It's a cellular health product. Non-toxic, native to our body, anyone can take it (even babies), and it doesn't clash with any medication or supplements. I have seen results with me, my son, my dad and people I know and I hope from the bottom of my heart she will give this a go.


    Check out essiac tea… also the Gerson cancer treatments – all natural. There is also a place called CHIPSA hospital – offers a holistic, all natural approach to healing cancer. God bless mommy and baby!


    There is almost no chance she will be allowed to reject chemo; unfortunately, if this is the case, she must see a homeopath who can help prevent the side effects and look into Immunocal, which has numerous studies showing it supports the body during chemo, provides energy and reduces chemo side effects.

    Not sure if the protein levels will be too high for unwell kidneys, that needs to be looked at. Energy healing would also be useful in reducing the damage being done by the chemo.


    Check out; This is the only place I would take a loved one with cancer. Alternative treatments and the success rate is far better than any centers in the U.S. For a baby that small, there has to be no messing around. The treatment must be done right the first time. Start a GoFundMe, get on the news, ask for donations… do whatever it takes to get the proper baby care.


    If she has opted for Chemo, just go hand in hand with raising the baby immune system by adding minerals, vitamins, and raise the glutathione level of baby and quality food intake daily. Don't forget the probiotic for the baby.

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