Does PCOS Cause Dryness and Pain in Eyes if using Contact Lenses?

I thought it was just me until I recently read an article, but does anyone else get insane dry eyes? I thought it was my contacts, my solution, how well I was cleaning them, but NOPE! Thanks for another one, PCOS! Anyone have a way to help this especially for a contacts wearer?

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    I have dry eyes as well :(. It’s why I always hated wearing contacts and had tried many different brands. I had Lasik, and that can tend to make your eyes dry as well though it’s supposed to clear up after awhile. Years after Lasik I needed glasses again.

    I occasionally wear contacts, but they make my eyes so dry that (more so than before Lasik) that I hate wearing them now. And sometimes even have a dry eye when not using contacts (like today and it’s been well over a month since I wore contacts for less than a day). I thought it had to do with my gluten & dairy sensitivity but nopes, it’s definitely PCOS.


    I also get dry eyes from PCOS. I was given an HYLO-forte eye drops on prescription for them. It’s not as harsh on your eyes as the ones you buy in the shops.

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