Has Anyone Had Success with Anxiety Using Cannabis Oil?

Has anyone had success with anxiety using Cannabis Oil? I have been on a low dose of Benzodiazepine ON and OFF for years and would love to get off of it. I have tried CBD oil, and it didn’t seem to help.

I have read that there are strains of Cannabis Oil that are low in THC and higher in CBD that help relax, but don’t get you very “stoned.” Any help would be appreciated.

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    Yes, it helps me. I use an Indica hybrid & is relaxing. Get a 1:1 THC dominant and start with very little quantity. Dilute it – 1 gram of cannabis oil to 5 tablespoons of carrier oil, which must be organic. Coconut oil is good, take 1/8th of a teaspoon at night.

    Do that for three days then add another dose. Do this for a few days & then add another dose. I just got with three doses a day. This will make a big difference – you will KNOW this; just don't take to much to soon.


    I have had success with my PTSD and anxiety, but very limited access to the proper medicine (CBD strains are hard to find). I am hoping to have much more success in the future. 

    I have smoked bud for a long time, and yes, it definitely helps the anxiety. But with the high, I couldn't function the rest of my life. The CBD:THC oil I was given to try was amazing. No high! I could drive! I was functional! No paranoia (always get a little when I'm stoned).

    It wasn't enough to manage a complete meltdown, but the background anxiety was gone. And I actually hadn't realized how bad that constant background anxiety was until it was gone.

    Driving was the most fantastic thing. I drive upwards of 2000km a month for my job. And I have never been able to get behind the wheel without tension and anxiety. Not ever. And drives more than a couple of hours would leave me a sweaty, nasty mess.

    Strung out and irritable, the first time I tried the CBD:THC oil I got, I drove 6 hours through a mountain pass that typically gives me nightmares and would leave me exhausted, and not only did I not have any anxiety, I actually enjoyed the drive. It was remarkable & life-changing.


    Yes. But I can't get oil on a regular basis. I can get cannabis, and I do puff. However, I still must be careful not to go over the line. I was addicted to Ativan at the end of my drinking days. I hit bottom with hospitalization and pancreatitis for the third time in as many months.

    I've been sober three years, but "they" told me marijuana maintenance was not an option. I believed this for almost a year until I had a hysterectomy and my ovaries removed and didn't want to take pills.

    I found an old stash and tried it and felt like myself again. I smoked pot most of my adult life until the bottle took over 24/7. I had my daughter send me oil and tincture, legal in her state. The spray is called "remarkable" and it truly is for pain and anxiety. It is high CBD, I don't have the box, but Ethos makes it.

    I've been following here quietly, doing my research. I hope to apply for a medical card here in PA soon. I may qualify under SPTSD, but that seems to have faded out since I put down the drink.

    Pills and alcohol killed off most of my family. Not me. I'm going to learn to make my own oil, I've watched many videos on youtube on how to make a small batch. I'm not giving up. I hope you find your help.


    Yes, my husband was freaking out and super anxious and paranoid on high CBD oil and on a Sativa dominant strain. It seems many HIGH CBD strains are Sativa Dominant, and that was not working for him.

    I thought he was going to explode, we immediately took him off that and put him on an Indica Dominant strain whole plant Full extract cannabis oil.

    He is much better now. Now he uses a suppository of the Indica Dominant strain and is doing much better. I personally do great on Sativas, but everyone is different. Try an Indica Dominant strain.

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    Yes, we use it for my daughter, who has Hashimotos. It gives her a very bad anxiety. CBD oil helps a lot. Before she usually got 10-30% right on math tests, now she scores around 80% due to no anxiety while taking the tests. I am so thankful for cannabis.


    I had panic attacks and have been on benzos for 30 years. I tried to get off the benzos and went into withdrawals that were a nightmare. I got some CBD oil with 59% THC in it, and I slept for 16 hours straight. The next day I felt so relaxed. All my pain was gone, and I didn't need a pill.

    After that, I continued to take the pills since I couldn't get the CBD. Now I'm weaning off the pills and feeling normal on 1/4 of the pills. Soon I'll get my medical card, and I'll get Indica marijuana. Indica dominant strain relaxes you so much that you won't need any medicines, and you will have your life back. I suggest using cannabis and tapering off the pills until you don't need it anymore. I hope that helps.


    I was on Ativan and was able to quit two months ago after six years of taking them. Never needed one again after being on CBD+THC oil daily. I didn't have a panic attack since then. It also killed all my muscle pain and cleared my skin. It changed my life!! No more unnecessary stress for no reason ♥️.

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