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    I urge you and your friend to watch this series about the cure for cancer. It is now freely available on youtube. It is a long series. Interviews by Doctors, Scientists, Academics and testimonials of many Survivors, when seeing this information it can change your life.

    You see that there is nothing to fear and some steps and changes you can make. This information is good just for general health. It is empowering knowledge, and there is no need to have chemo. There are better ways. People told they did not have long are now very healthy, some by just making simple dietary changes and juicing. I hope you will watch it, incredible results, it will encourage her.


      Agreed with the recommendations about the Truth About Cancer, a great resource.
      For those saying Chemo is poison, it is, but it poisons cancer (and to a lesser degree the rest of you). Not all chemo is created equal and not all cancer is created equal.

      Lymphoma is one of the few cancers that is often really helped by chemotherapy. So it is worth at least considering as part of a comprehensive program, especially in the form of Insulin Potentiated Therapy, where insulin is given to lower blood sugar and then about one-tenth of the usual dose of chemo is used; this greatly sensitizes cancer cells to chemo while the dose used is relatively non-toxic to the rest of our cells. This is discussed in the Truth About Cancer and used at some alternatiive clinics.

      Also, a large body of research shows that combining nutritional supplements and herbs with chemo (and radiation) dramatically reduces side effects and improves outcomes. The point is that, while natural approaches are very beneficial, there is a potential role for judicious use of chemo for this particular type of cancer (for other types it often does more harm than good).

      My observation is that many of the people tend to see things in black and white, but, like most things in life, the reality is more complicated and nuanced.


      Not all episodes of The Truth of Cancer are available anymore on Youtube. Apparently, TTAC made last 7 videos private and are now selling the access of all 9 episodes digitally and physically. Check here ( if you wish to get all 9 videos access.


    She needs SELENIUM STAT!!! 1mg/day is enough to save her. In combination w/ Lugol’s iodine solution, 10-25 GRAMS/DAY vitamin C — buffered certainly, if not mix w/ ground eggshells and /or baking soda…now it is. Why Selenium is not added to the IVs given in hospitals is astonishing. Its cytotoxicity to cancer cells was discovered by the 1940s.


      She actually needs more than 1 mg per day. That’s what a healthy person should be taking. For someone who already has cancer, that needs to be increased significantly.


        You’re right. I was thinking about the maintenance dose. She will need that much several times per day.


    IV vitamin C therapy has proven to provide great results. Also the Gerson therapy. Raw, plant-based diet and vegetable juices. There is a lot of evidence that suggests a ketogenic diet (zero sugar) can kill cancer. Remember that cancer feeds on sugar and cannot live without it, so cut out all sugar, including fruit. Last but not least, meditation and spiritual healing. These are just things I’ve learned through researching my own health issues.


    Most people who recover from cancer do so in spite of the chemo, not because of it. If your friend does use it, she will still require a lot of nutritional support from the right supplements and some information to guide her. Dr Peter D’Adamo wrote an excellent book to support those with cancer which is more common in Blood type A. By the way a friend of mine (blood type A), in her 50’s was very ill with Lymphoma, but took herbs and supplements and had physical therapies for many months and is now back to normal.


    I would not do the chemo, but if she really wants to decimate her immune system using conventional treatment, combine it with chelating supplements (apple pectin) and anti-inflammatory foods/extracts (turmeric, boswellia, burdock root, black pepper, resveratrol, chlorophyll, CBD oil, a ketogenic diet, etc., there are so many). The Truth About Cancer is the best thing recommended here. It opened my eyes wide.

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