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    There can be many causes of Alzheimer or Dementia, including aluminum cooking utensils. Also repeated head injuries and eating a lot of sugar contribute to this disorder. I make the Ayurvedic formula myself to heal from Alzheimer's which has helped me a lot. It is made with Ashwagandha, Shankhpushpi, Jatamansi root, Guggulu and comes with a 1/2 pound bag of organic turmeric and piper longum to make Golden Milk. (Jatamansi is also known in the Bible as spikenard). You can make it yourself at home. Here is a paper that will be helpful to explain why Shankapushpi (in a formula with other herbs) works for autism as well.


    To make a long thing short, all dementia, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's patients need to do the following as a part of the natural treatment:

    • Reduce inflammation to the minimum
    • Optimize intestinal flora
    • Repair leaky gut
    • Consider probiotics, fermented food, and more probiotics
    • Restore proper fatty acid balance
    • Correct vitamin and mineral deficiencies
    • Reduce or completely eliminate sources of toxicity
    • Diet should support mitochondrial health and intestinal health
    • Diet should support vascular health
    • Toxic medications should be eliminated
    • Coconut oil and ketogenic diet have therapeutic effects
    • Hydrogenated fats and GMO oils have to be eliminated
    • B vitamins, DHA and EPA lower homocysteine, which is neurotoxic
    • ALA, DHA, EPA help restore glymphatic system & blood-brain barrier
    • Kale/ spinach, broccoli/cauliflower build microbiota & butyrate
    • Flours, pesticides, GMOs, refined carbs, processed foods have to go
    • Vitamin D Protocol needs to be implemented
    • Consider alpha lipoic acid, curcumin, N acetyl cysteine, Co Q10
    • Consider resveratrol, quercetin, sulforaphane
    • Very high vegetable, high healthy fat, moderate organic animal protein

    Organic coconut oil with turmeric and freshly ground black pepper that you can get from the spice section of almost any grocery store (the glass bottles come with their own grinder) can be a powerful combination. I'd find fresh turmeric root at the grocery store as well if they have it and grate a little each day to turbocharge it if it were me.


      You are referring to the Ayurvedic recipe known as Golden Milk. It is so powerful and beneficial for most people (however not for older women) that big pharma has made a drug out of it, called Curcumin. Curcumin is extracted with toxic solvents.

      In Ayurvedic practice, it is understood that one thing turmeric does is block the estrogen in your body. This is very good for older men, but for women after menopause, not so much. Most of us older women need all of the estrogens we have. It also increases the synovial fluid of the joints, so it is helpful for some kinds of arthritis and for athletes, as well as allaying inflammation.


        I make a juice every other night with a tsp Tumeric, Moranga & Alma in freshly pressed grapefruit & orange. I'm 58, stage 2 ovarian cancer which is in remission since January.


          Yes, Moringa is helpful for people who do not have Ayurvedic Pitta constitution (it is heating), and Amla is very high in vitamin C. Even better is the Ayurvedic formula of Amla, Bibitaki, and Haritaki — which we call Triphala. It heals the digestive system.


    There's magnesium threonate, fish oil, and vitamin B6, B12 and D3. The brain needs lots and lots of fat – try Udo's choice oil too in addition to coconut oil. Also, train your brain! Do puzzles daily, word searches, crosswords – anything to keep all parts of your brain occupied.

    Stop cooking using aluminum pans etc. I believe herb coriander (also known as cilantro) can flush out metals. Parsley, Zeolites, Minerals, Activated Charcoal, and Raw Foods help too. 


    I have a 93-year-old mother who was diagnosed with dementia four years ago, and it was later advanced to Alzheimer's dementia – it was considered late stage and the best doctor medication only accomplished zonking my mother out. Kaiser doctors also consider this treatment successful and telling us that your mother will not be lasting very long, so prepare for the worse.

    After two years of being a dementia patient, I started her on a niacin vitamin B3 therapy after learning that niacin has a 90% success rate curing worst case SCHIZOPHRENIA and suicidal depression and so much more mental conditions in particular.

    Using the knowledge based on 50 years of research treating schizophrenia, my mother recovered 95%, but Dr. meds left her crippled – left arm partially paralyzed and can no longer walk and lost 60lbs while being treated at full care nursing facility with an MD on duty at all times

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