How to Cure Carpal Tunnel Naturally Without Surgery at Home and Fast?

Any suggestions for carpal tunnel? How can I cure it naturally and fast & not end up having any surgery? I’ve been doing exercises but I wish to get rid of it asap as I can’t lose my job over this! I’m a professional housekeeper, so relaxing is impossible. I work 40-50 hours a week. Lots of right-hand pressure in my movements. The pain goes up to my shoulder joint.

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    Here are some of the curated ideas I hope you may find useful:

    • PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy) treatment, turmeric, vegan omega 3, massage, DMSO, CBD in high dose internal and topical.

    • Find a Tui Na practitioner and get some intensive deep massage on your forearms at the origins of the flexors of the hand. This starts near the elbow.

    • A good acupuncturist can resolve this in a few treatments (plus herbal medicine) as well.

    • MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) works topically as well, so you can put it in a cannabinoid cream you can find in your health store (if you can find one with THC, the better). Two parts cream, one part MSM. Grind the MSM to a powder first.

    • A chiropractor can help to adjust your spine at the shoulder/neck level.

    • Make a combined paste of Turmeric, raw coconut oil & lots of black pepper and apply regularly. It can take up to 3 months for its effect to start.

    • Massive B vitamins, see if you have MTHFR as there could be a need for B supplementation and eliminate all Gluten & dairy.

    • Homeopathic Arnica Montana

    • Massage therapy. The pain comes not only from the pressure & swelling in the wrist muscle, but it also comes from neck and shoulder strain.

    • Using Topical magnesium infused cream.

    • Bowen Therapy

    • There is a spray called pain away. Works temporarily for several hours.

    • Dollar general has cheap wrist band supports, they help. Use stronger wrist support when using a computer mouse.
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    Have a manual physiotherapist/osteopath/massage therapist release the fascia of your writs and forearm as well as the interosseous membrane between your radius and ulna — special focus on releasing the fascial covering of the tunnel itself.

    Sugars & sugar replacements and starches are a major contributor to inflammation. It is not easy to eliminate them if you love food like this, but the payoff is well worth it. There are exercises you can do if you are constantly using your hands repetitively. I have been a heavy user of the computer for many years and did an exercise that you put both hands in front of you, backhand up, close your hand in a tight fist, release, thrusting your fingers out and apart (do it with force), do that several times then rotate your wrists (hands) full circle several times. Alternate. I have no problems, and I am 66.

    You may want to check your Magnesium levels too, it is very easy to deplete Magnesium, and I found that taking a supplement has helped with cramping, etc. As you are a housekeeper, I also used to do heavy cleaning, and that pain is horrendous and will rip you from a sound sleep. The magnesium has helped with that too.


    Please make sure your thyroid is working well. I had widespread inflammation that was quickly leading to bilateral arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome last year. CBD-rich medicine helped, but it wasn’t until I asked for a full thyroid panel blood test. I came to know that my T3 had been running low-normal for years and finally dipped over the “line” into hypothyroidism.

    I had almost immediate improvement within weeks — no more carpal tunnel syndrome. My TSH was normal for years but it is commonly discussed among European doctors, and some in the US, but not mine, that widespread inflammation may mean that “low-normal” isn’t good enough.

    I am doing much better now that my T3 is into mid-normal ranges. I simply use Synthroid. It worked like a charm for me. I hope this helps you have a constructive conversation with your doctor.


      I had thyroid long back but not anymore. Had cancer too years back.


    Do figure 8’s over the wrist. LOTS of them. This is an energy that is healing. Find someone with a PEMF pad to lay on which may help the body increase its own ability to heal. It’s what I learned from Donna Eden. She has a wonderful book called simply “Energy Medicine.”


    Take a rubber band that is about 1/4 inch in width and 6 inches in circumference – 3 inches when folded in 1/2. Put 2 of those around your fingers and thumb and push out with fingers and thumbs, hyperextending them.

    Carpal tunnel is from only doing flexing with your hands, pretty much – and not enough balance with extension. We rarely extend our fingers and thumbs anymore – always flexing – typing, whatever.

    Wear the rubberbands around your wrists and as often as you think of it, put them around fingers and thumb and flex them out. Cured me and others – I think it was my chiro who suggested it decades ago.


    Make sure it is not an issue coming from your neck. See a chiropractor before you agree to any surgeries. I had it so bad that I was in a brace. The docs wanted to do surgery. Went to a chiro for an unrelated issue. He asked straight out what was up with my wrist?

    I told him. He said he thought he could help and he DID!!
    If that doesn’t help, massage and physical therapy may be the answer. I would only consider surgery as a last result.


    CBD Hemp oil drops … I had rheumatoid arthritis pain and pain in my wrist all winter, it was excruciating! CBD drops have controlled the pain and taken down the inflammation.


    ASTYM Augmented Soft Tissue Manipulation. Find a good hand therapist that knows what this technique is. It’s amazing. I had Carpel Tunnel in both wrists and Trigger Finger in all my joints. This technique works. It takes time. But it works.


    I had my wrist in a brace for over two years: terrible pain and loss of strength and grip. I went to four doctors and tried several medications. What worked was turmeric golden paste. Relief started within days. By two weeks the brace was off and by a month strength and mobility was returning. I have never had to wear the brace again, and that was five years ago!


    I was in crippling pain with this for many years, and a friend of mine suggested dry needling. After one session I slept pain-free that night. It’s a form of acupuncture & is the best way I can describe it. I am unfortunately somewhat sceptical when it comes to trying what I would call new or unconventional stuff, but this really worked for me. Surgery was my only other option; I can not recommend it enough.


    Please keep a food diary. Look up the top food allergens. Know that sensitivity can cause a reaction that may be delayed. I have gluten and grain sensitivities, and I would always get a carpal tunnel flare, extremely painful if I weren’t careful. Try an elimination diet to identify the possible foods. Good luck!

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