How to Cure Chronic Sinus Infection at Home Naturally?

My boyfriend has had a fever around 102.4 or so since Saturday (three days now). He also has a sinus headache. I think he has developed a chronic sinus infection in the last half a year. I have been giving him ginger and onion tea with lemon juice and honey, thyme tea, and some other herbal teas. I also started giving him camu camu mixed with honey for vitamin C and ACV with baking soda. Should I be worried that his fever is not going down? Any other ideas on how to heal him?

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    If you have essential oils, you can use a nasal rinse with Oil of Oregano. Be careful because you only need a little bit!! Take a cotton swab and put ONE drop of oil of oregano on the cotton swab, then swirl it around in the water he does his nasal rinse with.

    This is a natural antibiotic and will kill any bacteria that are floating around in his sinuses. My hubby has had some gnarly sinus infections, and this is the only thing that got rid of them. I would do this for ten days and then stop!


    High doses of Sodium Ascorbate, Oil of Oregano 3 drops in the water a couple of times a day. Homeopathic sinus spray and breathing in Colloidal Silver Spray work for me.
    Eliminating wheat helps me too.


    Sinus, I had it my whole life. I found it got bad the week the heat went on everywhere – work, stores, and home — anyway, my favorites for dealing with anything.

    • First 1/4 tsp of sea salt in water in the morning.
    • NAC & acetylcysteine removes mucus. Cuts down the pressure. It is the most reliable help.
    • Aspirin 350 to 500 mg dose reduced in water. It can be added to the sea saltwater. Harmless to digestive tract taken this way. Effective bacteria killer and pain killer.
    • I also buy a nasal pump spray – not squeeze type, but the medicine. Pour out medicine in a washed container. Add 2 drops 5% Lugol's iodine. Fill with spring water. Pump 2 sprays in each nostril while inhaling.

    This clears the head & removes the infection. This must be done 2 hours away from any hydrogen peroxide remedy as they cancel each other out.

    These things usually work, and I do not need further remedies.

    If it is horrible, I begin my Lysine remedy. Every 4 hours, I am dosing for 3 days. I make this all up ahead in water bottles. Because it is easier. Simplified. But you can make it as you go:

    • 3 water bottles, spring water. Pour off an inch.
    • Add to each bottle 4000 mg of L-lysine.
    • 1500mg of L-Threonine
    • 1 or 2 plain Aspirin
    • 1000 mg of Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C) reacted with baking soda
    • 1 dropper of Methylene Blue (amazon aquarium supplies). This comes as a powder in a bottle.
    • Order 1-2 oz glass dropper bottle with it.
    • Add spring water to rim below the cap area carefully as it stains. Make this on a glass plate.
    • Cap and agitate.
    • Let stand to drip out of the lid area — open bottle.
    • Fill dropper 2x and add to a new dropper bottle.
    • Fill remaining space with mineral water carefully to edge before the cap.
    • Cap, agitate. Add 1 dropper of m.b. to each water bottle.
    • Cap original to save to make new when one is used up.

    If you get on anything, Vitamin C and water removes it. Shake your water bottles. Mark 4 doses. Take one each hour in AM for 3 days.

    This remedy Kills infection, virus, colds flu & pretty much any invader. It is amazing. Hourly doses should be consumed because L-Lysine only lasts 55 minutes in the body. This is based on a 130 lb person. But it works for our family, which is all bigger than that.

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