How to Drop Stage 4 Colon Cancer CEA count using Natural Treatments?

I have stage 4 colon cancer. I’ve been through surgery, conventional treatment, then natural treatment, more surgery, radical remission pathology showing no cancer, and now recurrence.

My CEA (Carcinoembryonic Antigen)  is increasing slowly. It went from 5.3 to 9.5 these past two months. While it’s not high, it’s trending in the wrong direction.

Any ideas how I can drop it? I’m doing so much natural treatment and then some, yet it’s still ticking higher. Should I be concerned?

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    Sometimes Inflammation can cause higher numbers. Please try not to get worried and Trust in your body… Are you still on a good protocol? and Juicing?


      My CRP is really low and normal though. Shouldn’t that be elevated if it was inflammation? I’m still on a good protocol. Juicing goes right through me with the ileostomy now though!


    A couple things to consider:
    1. have you been tested for the MTHFR gene? Look into how this mutation has contributed to cancers. Look into a Methyl B and methyl Folic supplements. Without these, your body has difficult detoxing because it does not make enough glutathione.
    2. Have you been checked for the Epstein-Barr virus? It has been linked to various cancers.
    3. Pic attached regarding colon cleanses which I’m sure you’ve done many. Along with this look into the mucus free diet.
    4. Finally the most difficult yet proven diet, Gerson along with coffee enemas for detoxification. Even if you don’t do Gerson you should still look into coffee enemas.

    Also, some things I’m sure & hope you are doing already:
    – Bone broth for gut lining healing (absorb vitamins and minerals better)
    – Low grain/no grain diet.
    – Gluten free, soy free, legume free diet to keep the gut healthy.
    – plenty of healthy fats
    – no plastics whatsoever
    – filtered water then re-mineralized.
    – essiac tea
    – organic sulphur water (forces oxygen into cells)
    – organic mushroom complex
    – mistletoe
    – 1 gram cannabis a day.

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    I know it is very hard, but you should take out the 11 percent from your head! Say this instead, Thank you for my healing! There is a young man (Chris beat cancer) who had colon cancer, you might want to check his site. Also, Dr Schulze has an Incurable package of detox, supplement you might want to look up.


      Statistically, I know I’m in the eleven percent. However, Those stats don’t apply to me because I’m not doing the standard of care.
      My Initial surgery was in response to perforation of my large intestine. After years of unmanageable Crohn’s disease, I had a large tumour there.
      The second surgery was the removal of the large intestine. It was atrophied and they couldn’t reattach it. I have a permanent ileostomy.
      During the second surgery, a golf ball sized tumour was by my gall bladder so my gall bladder was removed.
      A total of 13 cancer specimens were taken from my body during that surgery. 12 of them were dead cancer. I wasn’t on cytotoxic chemo for about a year as I stopped 9 rounds into chemo treatment.
      So my body killed cancer once. But during this time my CEA was 0.0-0.3. Always super low.


        One more thing…..did you do any detox? Coffee enema? Coffee pulls out the toxins from the liver.


          I have no large intestine so the vein pathway from the colon to the liver that makes it beneficial is gone. I have an ileostomy so I can’t do them. I am using high dose milk thistle to detox the liver and IV alpha lipoic acid to heal it. My liver enzymes are in the normal range after being off a few months ago.

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