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    I’ve had plaque psoriasis since I was 10. Erythrodermic Psoriasis is awful, and I just feel so terrible for that child!!!

    To treat this naturally:

    • Grind rolled oats in the coffee grinder and add about 4 cups to tepid bath water and soak. Try to avoid dairy, but probiotics will help.
    • Raw organic coconut oil 50/50 with almond oil is very beneficial. Adding 10 drops of frankincense essential oil to every 1 cup of that 50/50 mix is excellent too.

    Erythrodermic Psoriasis could be a reaction to something in the diet, like gluten, or milk, or sugar, or all grains, or formula milk. It comes from dysbiosis and leaky gut which results in high intestinal permeability. Probably the infant boy intestinal flora is not developed properly, and intestines are absorbing large proteins (from milk, or grains or eggs or meat, or shrimps). Two things I would try here:

    • Elimination-rotation diet 
    • Fecal transplant

    That's caused by systemic inflammation – get that under control first. The day you eliminate the trigger foods, or max two days later, the healing process will start, inflammation will stop, and the skin will heal from the inside out. Also, you need prebiotic and probiotic to heal the gut.

    It's an autoimmune issue so elimination won't fix it. You have to fix the source of the issue, being the gut.


    Remove gluten and milk from the diet. It will take time to heal but will eventually clear up with a vegetable and fruits diet. Also can do Epson salt baths with apple cider vinegar baths to help to heal faster but will return if dairy and gluten are still consumed.


    Been having problems with inflammation and skin allergic reactions lately, had to eliminate milk & gluten from my diet. ACV and turmeric help with the inflammation, but if it's severe and causing much discomfort, he may need to take antihistamines & steroids to clear up the affected area first for his own relief.


    Organic ozone gel from 'quantum of life' – saved me from psoriasis. And I was using the same for my newborn too. It's 100% organic and safe and will help heal fast!!!


    Try applying a mix of Shea butter and tea tree oil. Soaking his hand and feet in water infused with Marigold and Arnica flowers will help in the healing process.

    Treating it topically is just like putting a bandaid on it. Get to the root of the problem!

    He needs to get gluten free 100% and the whole house needs to be gluten-free including the pets!

    Then you need to heal his gut with enzymes & Flora. He will also need the 90 Essentials (vitamin & minerals) so that his body can start to heal.

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