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    • Clove oil, diluted in another oil like coconut, can help both with healing and to numb pain.

    • Turmeric can also be helpful to reduce swelling and to help with healing, three teaspoons a day is good.

    • Echinacea with Goldenseal tincture diluted in water can help heal tooth and gum infections.

    • Chewed up plantain leaf or potato slices on the area can help draw out any infection.

    • Saltwater rinses would also help.

    • I also strongly recommend using high-quality Himalayan crystal salt or Celtic Sea salt. Make a pint with about 1-2 tsp and squish around for good 15-30sec each sip. Can do 3 x a day if it is needed.

    • Iodine can be used to kill the infection, 2% can be used directly, 5% can be diluted with water.

    • Black tea bag and place it on the toothache, worked wonders for me.

    • Oil pull with coconut oil and make your own toothpaste to use 2x a day.
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      Do you recommend colloidal silver also? Thank you for a thorough list. Few things I haven’t tried yet. Mine barely hurt before I saw a dentist. There were cracks in several with amalgams. I couldn’t afford crowns & refused root canal whether insurance ran out or not.

      They did a build up on a few teeth prepping them for future crowns. It hurt for weeks. I have gone back to a faithful healing regime & feel better. I actually think they messed something up when they gave me the shot upper mouth… made my nose even hurt & gets swollen there off & on.


    Eating slices of freshly cooked jalapeno peppers kill the pain in my tooth/jaw when I am super desperate for relief. It’s a bit rough on the tummy, but it’s worth it.

    I mix DMSO with Aloe (50/50) and apply topically with a cotton ball. Skin must be completely clean with no other products on it since DMSO will pull them deep into the skin. I’ve learned the hard way….! Research this before use.


    I had a toothache and switched to Uncle Harry’s mouthwash and Bliss Energetics toothpaste, the pain disappeared within a few days. I don’t know if it’s healed but as long as it doesn’t hurt, I don’t care.


    The absolute best thing EVER for tooth pain is clove oil. You can find it at health food stores, GNC, and I believe Walgreens, Rite-Aid, and CVS. Apply to the area that’s hurting using a Q-tip.

    The only thing to be concerned with is getting it on the skin around your mouth. For some reason, that burns like heck.

    If that happens simply rinse off with soap and water. Must use soap to break up the oil. Other than that, it is the best thing ever. I promise. And no, it does not burn inside your mouth, any at all.


    Bacteria is what causes the pain, and Allicin found in garlic kills almost every kind of bacteria on contact.

    1. Crush a few cloves of RAW garlic.
    2. Wait for 10 minutes; this is when the antibiotic ALLICIN forms.
    3. It’s very hot so eat small amounts of the garlic at a time while drinking lots of water.
    4. Next, put some garlic in your mouth with water and hold the mixture for 10 to 15 minutes. This is to kill the bacteria on contact.

    This method ATTACKS the bacteria from the INSIDE and the OUTSIDE of the body. It helps with stopping the pain, also to stop the pain, hold water in your mouth. Water is a conductor of electricity, and this makes the electrical nerve pain flow into the water.


      I’ve been using raw garlic (preferably organic and must be nonirradiated) for bacterial, viral and fungal infections for over 15yrs, including during pregnancy. For active infections, I do 2-3 cloves 2-3x a day. It has never worked (I haven’t used antibiotics or been to Dr outside of childbirth in over 20yrs) for me.

      I have recently discovered stabilized Allicin capsules (I’ll use AllicinMax or AlliMax which you can find on Amazon). They are easier to keep on hand, take on the go, and give to kids. I have had them work for mastitis, tooth abscesses and severe infections with inflammation. I use 2-3 capsules 2-3 times a day for active infections (2-3 an hour for serious conditions). I wouldn’t hesitate to use it during pregnancy.


    If you can get hold of it, Traumeel, is a homeopathic product, by Heel. (A German company). You can also apply the Traumeel cream, externally to the painful area. Available as tablets and as a cream.


    Cut out dairy. Clove oil for pain applied directly to sore gum. Clove can be used during pregnancy. I say eliminate dairy because consuming dairy products increases the calcium eliminated by the kidneys 50%, at a time when your body desperately needs MORE calcium to build strong bones in your baby.

    Also, calcium deficiency is linked to post-partum depression, and consuming dairy contributes to calcium deficiency. It really doesn’t do anything good. There’s lots of calcium in leafy greens and brassica vegetable too. Also, add 1 tsp Bragg’s ACV to water in the morning and you’ll find that your digestion is better and you have less heartburn. ACV also builds strong bones, muscles and jaw structure in the baby due to its high mineral content, specifically potassium.


      The only reason why I say stay away from clove oil is – it is a uterine stimulant often used during labor to strengthen contractions. A small amount of diluted clove oil should be fine to use on a tooth and not too often. But especially for something like the toothache, it can be overused. Cloves itself can be safely used, to chew on. But personally, I would avoid the oil, especially in early pregnancy.


        I’ve read, clove is safe in food amounts during pregnancy, which a diluted drop would be considered a food amount. Always such a delicate time, but personally, I’ve chosen the clove over antibiotics. Definitely a personal choice!


    What worked for me was 5 drops of thyme essential oil mixed with water, held it in the mouth over the sore tooth for about 20 minutes. The pain went away. I assume it killed the bacteria that was causing the infection/pain.

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