How to Cure Chronic Eczema at Home? Any Natural Remedies?

A good mate has Chronic Eczema. Head to toe, very bad. He says he has tried and exhausted all-natural remedies. Including magnesium salt baths. His last hope he says is a $300.00 injection of something. He doesn’t know or care what’s in it, but he says it clears up 90% of eczema. I feel for him because he is very self-conscious about it. Can anyone suggest a remedy that he perhaps hasn’t tried?

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    I have pretty severe eczema, which I keep well controlled. If I live a carefree life, it will cover more than 50% of my body, including my face, legs, and hands, making me practically immobilized. Here are some tips, perhaps your friend could use.

    Eczema can’t be treated successfully with medication alone (I only use one cream occasionally). Here’s what I do:

    1. Eczema is triggered by food. Hence:

      — Avoid all processed foods like chips, instant noodles, or deli meat. Anything with dairy, sugar, artificial coloring, MSG, or preservatives is a NO.

      — Avoid dining out unless it’s an absolute upscale dining establishment. Casual dining means low-quality ingredients such as bad quality oil, preservatives, flavorings, food coloring, MSG, and GMOs. A lot of times, Eczema is unnecessarily triggered by dining out.

      — Avoid all flours.

      — Eat “clean food”: Simple, whole foods, such as fresh meats and veggies that are grilled or boiled and seasoned with salt and pepper.

    2. Sleep well on a schedule: Lack of sleep means your immune system will fall below standard and lead to inflamed eczema. Trust me; good sleep has a huge impact on improving eczema.
    3. Detergents & Soaps: avoid the big brands like Tide. All the big commercial brands have terrible chemicals that make eczema worse. I use the 7th Generation or 365 brand, which is much milder than other brands. If you can make your own at home, it’s the best.
    4. Clean environment: avoid using cleaning agents, air fresheners, or sprays, etc. All you need is soap, water, and clean rags to clean your home. For air, you can use essential oils (therapeutic grade only). Our culture is centered around harsh chemical agents that we don’t even need. Less is more for your health. If I even use Swifter in my home, I immediately see a reaction on my skin. You want to be free from all these harsh and useless chemicals and save money. You’re not meant to live in a chemically sterilized environment full of whatever-sides. You are meant to be living in a naturally cleaned environment free from chemical agents and pollutants.
    5. Clean water – tap water is a slow killer. Even if you didn’t have eczema, you shouldn’t be drinking that poison. Get filtered water, preferably reverse osmosis. Also, stop drinking coffee because it makes your stomach acidic – which is another trigger for eczema. Also, most coffee shops use tap water for their expensive drinks.
    6. A little rub with Cheonilyum coarse salt from your local Korean market. If your friend is interested in learning about ways Korean people handle eczema, study about it, or ask them.
    7. Exercise regularly – Eczema is about constantly detoxing pollutants from your system. Exercising regularly gets rid of all the environmental pollutants that are triggering eczema and keeps your immune system performing at its best.
    8. And an obvious one: Absolutely no smoking & minimize drinking.

    The funny thing is, my eczema is so sensitive to plastics, chemicals, additives, foods, etc. that my friends and family use me as their “safe radar.” If I eat anything or use anything that I get even a small reaction from, they stay away from it like the plague because they know it’s bad for them even if their bodies don’t show a reaction.

    Eczema requires you to be incredibly healthy and schedule oriented. In that way, it has its benefits in that it motivates you to be very diligent about your health. I know what having eczema is like and can totally understand what your friend must be going through!

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    I have no idea what this guy has had done, but he needs a full rundown. I would suggest he finds a good Biomed doctor and ask for blood, hair, urine, stool, allergy, and DNA testing. Correct diet is probably the key, but he could be missing a specific key vitamin or mineral the is hard to source in the food so that targeted supplementation may be needed on top of radical dietary change.

    Would GAPS probably be a good start? But I'd also ask him to address his home. Replace all dishwashing, clothes washing products with natural alternatives. Get rid of ALL aerosols. Poison!

    Does he use underarm deodorant? Get rid of it and replace it with a natural herbal pump spray. It's a comprehensive cleansing of your entire life to lower the toxic load and bring the body back into balance. This has worked wonders for my family and my son's autism/illness.


      Thanks, Delbert. I appreciate your input, mate. He did say one thing to me, for certain that Cannabis oil was the only natural thing that cleared it up. I said, are you sure? He said yep, unequivocally, he was absolutely truthful with this. However, unfortunately, in his current line of work, he cannot use it as it will show up in a drug test.


        The cannabis oil sounds promising. I think he needs a new line of work or a doctor's certificate. I guess it depends on the legality state to state. I know many trials are going on.

        But what people need to realize is there is no single magic bullet for illnesses. The main thing I have learned from healing my son is that wellness comes from layers and layers of change. Many lifestyle factors have to be changed if you want to heal your body and resist future illness. I wish him well.


    Lots of vitamin D can help with skin disorders. Do you know if it's genetic or vaccine injury? That can be a big part of treating it. Cannabis/hemp oils are very good if they are an option where you live.

    Cod liver oil can be good too as it detoxes and helps heal. Avocados, coconut oil, hummus, and other good fats can be helpful as well. Sometimes the external symptom is an internal issue. A low-fat diet can dry out the skin more.


      Castor oil works for mine. He needs to heal from within tho. Treat it as a fungus, because it is.

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