How to Stop Front-Teeth Decay of 18-Month-Old Kid (with MTHFR)?

I really need something for my 18-month-old to stop the decay on his front four teeth, I am at a total loss about what we can do, and no one is really helping us.
He had a lip-tie until he was 15 months old because no one would revise it for us. Finally, he found someone to do it, but at that point, his teeth were already pretty bad. I do think there were more causes than just the tie because of how quickly the decay started and progressed, but I’m not entirely sure what else was the cause. Providers have said nursing through the night contributed, but I’ve heard the opposite, that it couldn’t cause that.

Anyway, we are working with a pediatrician to help heal his gut for starters, he is on a toxin removal/gut cleanse (NDF shine). And we also give him fermented cod liver oil, butter oil, vitamin D, AB complex, and I include a ton of good fats in his diet, we especially use a lot of coconut oil.

We cut out grains a month or two ago, I did reintroduce very minimal for a week or two now, but I’m cutting them out entirely again now.

He has a pretty bad gluten intolerance, so we’ve been gluten-free for over a year. I’ve also read that celiac disease can cause tooth decay, so I’m wondering if he is actually that, not just an intolerance (if it is, what can be done for that?)

We have seen 2 dentists for him that has not helped at all… the first won’t do anything except fluoride and insists that’s what we need to do, too (which I will not do) and also wants to put him under anesthesia to work on his mouth, not actually sure what he thought he would do but he did suggest pulling at least some of them which I will not do at 18 months obviously. He is also MTHFR, so any anesthetic is out of the question.

The other dentist’s only suggestion was to increase the time between meals… 3 hours between any time he eats. I understand how that could help, and we are doing our best with that, but at the rate, his teeth are decaying, this isn’t enough.
I’m apprehensive about how bad 2 in particular already are, they have 2 huge holes into the enamel that are now starting to turn orange, and I have no idea what can be done… he is only 18 months so I know by the time his adult teeth are ready to come in, they will be rotted entirely away if I can’t find something to stop it.

We were brushing with spry, but I started to read that the glycerin in that could stop remineralization, so now we’re just brushing with coconut oil. What else can I do? I feel like every day they’re worse, and if they get bad enough, won’t I have to have them pulled, so they don’t affect his adult teeth?

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    Use Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF). Looks ugly, stops decay instantly. Yes, it's a type of fluoride, but it's one acute exposure that's wiped off, and you already don't use it, so you don't have the chronic exposure most people have. Versed is OK with MTHFR, but like you, my son is only 17m, and I'm not doing anesthesia. Supposedly Silver Nitrate will also kill decay, but I only found one study that said that, and it even apparently hurts. Colloidal silver as well. But we did the SDF.


      How does the SDF work? That’s the black stuff, right? Can you buy it out does a dentist have to do it? How long does it stay on? I’m not comfortable using Versed… or really even one dose of fluoride but I’m interested to see how it’s done. And how can colloidal silver be used?


        It literally took 1 minute for 3 teeth. She painted it on, waited, wiped. The silver kills the decay and the fluoride hardens the dead decay. The dentist gave us that option too, but bee propolis was the natural version of it, kiddo gives a tough time to apply every night. Still, it works, the post I followed, she said she did everything, but once she started bee propolis, within three weeks her daughter’s teeth got better, mine too, in two weeks… still can’t believe my eyes.


          I would love more info. I have concentrated propolis drops – would that work? What do you do? Just drop it on before bed? Which bee propolis do you recommend? It's hard to know from Amazon. 


            Less than One drop on finger and swab it on the teeth, make sure it is thin layer as it’s tough to get it off otherwise. It’s not necessary to get it off completely, though. The one we use is Montana brand 65%, the brand doesn’t matter, from what I know. Although Montana naturals are the ones most recommended, it is super sticky and black and tough to wash off hands/fingers/faces. It’ll make the teeth looking black, and we apply at bedtime, so he’s not black stained when we go out.


    Look up oral health probiotics. K12 and M18 are supposed to fight off the Streptococcal M. The strain that causes a type of decay, but also protects your gums, overall mouth, ear, nose, and throat health. There's one brand I know is reputable; it's Hyperbiotics; there's also probiotic/prebiotic toothpaste. Mi paste without fluoride has been good for some people as well, but you have to have a prescription I think, I don't know the ingredients for these brands though.

    Blis technologies have toothpaste with K12 and M18 in it. Animal Parade vitamins have calcium and magnesium supplements; also a "tooth fairy" vitamin with the K12 and M18 I believe both along with calcium, etc. And there's Animal Parade Gold that has both plus more strains of probiotics included they have chewable and liquid, it's a whole food supplement brand as well. Again I don't know the full ingredients list, just know of them from research.

    The oral health probiotics need to dissolve in the mouth for 30 seconds to a minute or so, or you can get the toothpaste, . Still, I saw better info and reviews for the tablets, I saw a lot of kids didn't like the taste of the probiotic toothpaste though.

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