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    Yes, it looks like MRSA a multi-resistant strain, in other words, staph infection/super bug. 2 of my children have had it. Ask the doctors for a swab and keep it covered no matter what you do until the results come back. Wash often hands and try not to touch it. The medical practitioner is going to test for what the MRSA is immune to, and what will kill the bacteria.

    The girls had to go on 2 types of antibiotics and nasal ointment for 10 days.

    The whole family had to have the nasal ointment to eliminate it from everyone. Wash everything with hot water, Canesten inwash, disinfect everything and boost up the immune systems by juicing with pineapple, lemon, ginger and apple juice as well as practitioner strength probiotics.

    Although I don't like antibiotics, Staph needs to be treated head-on wholistically with everything you can as long as it is the right treatment. Also please look up MRSA to know the severity of it in children.


    She should take a homemade Elixir. Something such as fresh ginger, ground clove, fresh lemon juice and cayenne pepper. Make a health shot. Add Manuka honey for taste. 


    Soak in Epsom salt with a few drops of tea tree oil. It will pull out the infection, and the tea tree will help kill remaining. Then apply Manuka Honey 15+ afterwards.


    Put a slice of fatback on the area with salt on the side away from the skin; if you also put an older penny, it adds extra drawing power and tape it in place for a while!! It helped several people I know and myself with MRSA and several spider bites. The penny helps because copper kills bacteria and viruses.

    Antibiotics, pills, injections and impurities in the food, these are the common reasons why MRSA came about.

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      I would be best to try to draw it out. Epson salt soak, shredded potatoes or charcoal might do it. If it doesn't get any better, I will get it checked/tested. You can always treat it naturally ones you have a diagnosis.

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