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    Worked after my first dose of 60mg. I felt a difference the next day. I have pain now, not as bad as it was before Cymbalta, but still have pains, of course, some days worse than others but I'm functioning.

    Also, I had a bad allergic reaction. So I had to take Antihistamines and Steroids to get rid of the allergic reaction.


    It made me wanna sleep n sleep more! Like literally I would wake up to eat something small then go back to sleep because I couldn't stay awake & then lunch n dinner the same thing. When it came to the appointment, I was a walking zombie. 5 days in I called my doctor & told them that this was happening they told me to stop it immediately!


    I always get wicked night terrors, intense headaches and teeth clenching or grinding, so not great, however, once you get past that stage, the depression benefits are decent. I've not noticed a bonus of pain effects though. In short, it works ok but you become dependent on it and if you forget to take it you get awful withdrawals from it.


      Yes, you do. I agree with Juliet. I've been on it since 2009, but when I couldn't afford it because there was no generic at the time, or I couldn't get samples, the withdrawals were absolute hell! It's the only thing that has helped me though, besides aquatic exercise.


    I take 60mg. a day. I haven't had any bad side effects. And although I'm not sure it works, I take it along with Lyrica, Celebrex, Vicodin, buspirone, Xanax and Trazodone hoping there's some relief somewhere in all those meds.


    Cymbalta saved my life. Started it for mental/emotional breakdown. It was and is a medication I would fight to keep. As the fibro set in worst the last 5 years, so glad I was already on it. Have fibro about 35yrs now, I am 70. This is no way to have to end one's golden years.

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