Is Irritated Roof of the Mouth & Bloating Symptoms of SIBO?

I recently had a breath test, which showed SIBO. I have pressure in the stomach which comes and goes. Doc put me on Omeprazole. Irritated roof of the mouth at times, bloating, brain fog. Are any of these symptoms or will my endoscopy next month have to reveal the cause of these symptoms.

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    I'm newly diagnosed and on omeprazole as well along with few other meds. I had my endo and colonoscopy this past Wednesday. So far, nothing too helpful. However, they took 10 biopsies & will eventually show something.

    I have found that taking beano regularly seems to be helping with my biggest issue, which is extreme bloat. And yes, I get lots of pressure with the bloating, and it can be extremely uncomfortable to downright painful. I can go from the flat stomach to 9 months pregnant within 15 minutes of eating.

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    Omeprazole reduces stomach acid, which makes the environment for bacterial growth even more inviting. I would get off Omeprazole as fast as possible if I were you. You won't be able to break down and digest your food properly without acid. And I bet you don't even know if you produce too much or too little acid, to begin with. This comes from someone who has been on Omeprazole for 5+ years and regretting it like crazy.


    Not sure about the irritated roof of mouth issue but others you mentioned are all symptoms of SIBO, along with many more. And I had an endoscopy, and it showed nothing (the biopsies they took were also normal).

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