How to make Gut Healthy Again which got destroyed by Drinking in Years?

Not sure how to say this other than to just say it. I’ve been having digestion problems for years. At first, I thought it may have been the 12 pack I drank every night. I’ve changed my habits and now only drink about 3 glasses of white wine. After over a year I still have this problem. I’m eating better foods taking vitamins, Doing turkey tail tea a few times a week but I don’t feel like my body is taking full advantage of the good stuff I put in it. What can I do to make my gut healthy again? Could all those years of heavy drinking have destroyed my guts? I feel fatigued way too often for my age (48) Thanks for any advice you can give.

Any suggestions on brands and type of Probiotics? I was also reading up about probiotics that promote the growth of GcMAF but it’s very expensive. I hope that doesn’t include bacon. I do like pasta. Maybe I need to seek out organic brands. Wish I could buy raw milk. From what I’ve read this could put all the good stuff back in my gut in no time.

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    Gluten is all or nothing, and the wheat is in everything. Why I don’t eat many ‘packaged’ foods. Usually when we have digestive problems, it’s related to gut flora, or you have damaged your liver, and when the liver isn’t fully functioning, we have both digestive issues (not producing enough bile to digest your foods), and then that, of course, leads to malabsorption of nutrients from our foods, hence your fatigue.

    You can find hydrochloric acid at a health food store to take in capsule form before you eat, or probiotics… and those vary…. get the good ones that need to be kept in the fridge, with as many different live cultures in them as possible. Of course, making your own fermented food is even better.

    But try adding a couple of teaspoons of coconut oil to your diet, too… slowly and in small amounts. Coconut oil is wonderful for healing gut issues and keeping our metabolic function running smoothly. Just make sure it’s organic, UNREFINED, cold-pressed; otherwise, the processing takes the good-for-you parts out and it’s moot.

    Oh, and rice pasta is gluten-free and much, much easier to digest. One more thought… those are both symptoms of Lyme Disease as well, which I also have. It manifests itself differently in every individual, depending on the strength of their immune system.


    I suffer from a stomach disease called gastroparesis. I have always been healthy and eaten healthy. Practically a vegetarian… until I had my gallbladder removed. The surgeon damaged nerves in my stomach. Years of heavy drinking might damage nerves in your stomach which slows down digestion. Symptoms of this are no appetite, weight loss, fatigue, some people are nauseous and vomit.

    I’m not saying I think you have this… it could be anything. You could have leaky gut. I do suggest you see a gastrologist to get a proper diagnosis, then treat your stomach issues homeopathically. Before I was diagnosed I knew I was having stomach problems and ate as healthy as possible. What I didn’t know was I was hurting my stomach. With gastroparesis, the stomach doesn’t digest fibre well. I now take probiotics and digestive enzymes.


    I know this really works. Squeeze a lemon in a glass, then add water. Half water/half lemon. Then drink it down. in about 30 seconds your tummy will be good. This is the only acid that will do it. (like fighting fire with fire) Can do this as often as needed. I also use Kefir, you can buy grain to make your own at home on eBay for about $7. Put more veggies in your life and less meat. Get most protein from veggies. That will help to keep body eliminated of waste. I know this because this is the way I live.

    Lemons are an old home recipe for the gut. 30 years ago an old Army Doctor from WWll told me about it. By using lemons daily, you can take care of ulcers, gallbladder and gut problems. People think Hispanic people don’t have ulcers because of peppers, that is wrong, they eat a lot of lemons. They squeeze lemons on meat and salads. Eat them and if you do not want to eat, use the juice in water and on food.


    I was diagnosed with Gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining), acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome. I started eating 1/2 lemon every day and after 2 or 3 months I was forgetting to take my meds, so I just stopped. Still doing the lemons and still no problems after 2 years. I know, lemons are WAY TART, but I just eat the meat like I used to drink shots. The tart only lasts for a few seconds.

    LEMON, although very acidic outside the body, become alkaline when eaten. Helps reduce stomach acidity and lower the body’s PH. Our body should have a PH of water – 7 – or neutral PH. And getting the GMO out of your diet will help too.


    It sounds like your gut has lost the bacteria it should have in it. You need to eat fermented foods. Things like Kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, and other foods that have been fermented. Start yourself on some probiotics at the same time. Eat good yoghurt that is high in live organisms. For the time being, cut out things like bread and pasta while you get the bacteria up to snuff. You could have a build up of yeast in your belly as well. Spend a good few months doing this. Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor about this as well. Always try out what you can before you assume and ask the doctor to consider other diagnoses.

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