Natural Home Remedies for Tension Headache of a Breastfeeding Lady?

I have had a headache for almost three weeks now. The headache moves from the back of my head to front on different days. Blurry vision sometimes as well as balance issues. Haven’t thrown up but does make me feel nauseous. Went to the Dr yesterday and was told it most likely was a tension headache. Suggested physical therapy which I considered because it’s non-evasive. I have a Chiropractor appointment next week for an adjustment and have taken liquid magnesium to no avail. I do want to mention I am nursing my 9-month-old, and have considered a hormone fluctuation as a possible trigger. Any natural breastfeeding friendly suggestions?

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    I had a tension headache for four months. After an eternity I figured out the trigger — stress being held in my neck and shoulders. I literally tried everything and here’s what worked for me – meditation, deep breathing exercises, yoga and other exercises, and now CBD oil when I start to feel the tension creeping.

    I went through 5 chiropractors before finding one that has done wonders. He does trigger point needling, muscle scrapping and cupping. Find someone who does those, and you’ll be right as rain. Also, I do magnesium/lavender EO soaks multiple times a week. Belladonna 200c helps me when they’re bad.

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