How to Resolve Extreme Bloating which Happens After Eating Anything?

I have this issue with extreme bloating after I eat, I have to drink baking soda and water mix to help relieve gas along with this my bowels are off-kilter. Need to take stool softener in order to have a somewhat normal bowel movement. Cannot have scopes done until a few months.

I use baking soda with Apple cider vinegar. I use to be on Nexium and it has caused heart problems. Just spoke with my heart doc today and told him about it, and he said it was OK to do. I don’t do that every day, only when I get reflux, he told me to take with the Apple cider vinegar.

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    Start sinking apple cider vinegar twice a day, put a splash in a cup of warm water and a teaspoon of honey. The bloating may be caused by what you are eating. Often when you don’t have good gut bacteria, that will mess up your system. Try different things. Stay away from sugar and salt, organic brown rice and leafy green vegetables may help. Also, perhaps take a quality brand probiotic.

    Also, I should tell you, Apple cider is a great antibacterial. Unfortunately, it doesn’t distinguish between good and bad bacteria, so you are killing the good one too. If you want good fast bacteria, drink kombucha, another great alternative in your case.


    Why can’t you get a doctor appointment sooner? If this is a reoccurring problem, you NEED to get it checked out. Go see a specialist. If you need a referral, just call and tell your primary you need one. If they say you need to come in for a checkup first, go find a new primary.

    Have you tried to find your trigger foods?
    It actually sounds like gluten intolerance. Extreme bloating/swelling of intestines, gas, and irregular bowel activity are signs of this. You’ll actually need a blood test and an endoscopy, then completely eliminate gluten for six months, no cheating, and then have another endoscopy.

    IBS is similar, and have different trigger foods that may or may not contain gluten. There’s medication for IBS, but not for gluten intolerance.


    Apple cider vinegar and the baking soda is usually what I do; I’d try leaving those alone for a while to see if those are killing your good bacteria and eat some yogurt or probiotics. Ask your gastro doc to test you for gastroparesis. Bloating and constipation are the symptoms.

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