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    Sure. My family and I have drunk many, many gallons of yellow Colloidal Silver. It means you are brewing it a little bit too long (will dissolve your silver wire quicker). Try brewing the next batch about 10 minutes less. It’s just delayed aggregation (silver particles clumping together because the water is so full of silver particles).

    When silver is being dissolved into water, the smaller the particles of silver, the more particles can be dissolved into the water. Eventually, the water reaches a saturation point. It’s like stirring sugar into a glass of water. At first, the sugar dissolves into the water, but eventually, when the water reaches a saturation point, the sugar stops dissolving and sinks to the bottom of the glass because the excess sugar stops dissolving (there’s no more room for sugar within the water molecule).

    When you use electricity to dissolve silver into water, when you reach a saturation point but continue dissolving the silver into the water, the silver particles will join together, which the scientists call “aggregate.” Those particles will soon get big enough to refract light (the silver molecule is crystalline in the form), and the water will obtain a yellow hue. As the silver particles continue to get bigger, the color gets darker, from faint yellow to a strong yellow to gold, to brown, to purple, to black.

    It is generally agreed within the industry that the saturation point is reached between 20 and 30 ppm (depending on pH, temperature, the phase of the moon, and other dynamics). CS brews faster during a full moon that when it is a sliver. It brews faster during a hot summer night than in a cold room. Not all distilled water is the same pH.

    So if by experimentation, you have determined how long your brewer can brew the particular water you use without it turning yellow (to just before it would turn yellow), you know that the ppm of your Colloidal Silver is around 20 ppm. Don’t need anything better than that.

    So here’s a tip: If you add 1/4 Colloidal Silver to your next batch (example: 1 cup of Colloidal Silver with 3 cups DW), you will reduce your brewing time by 2/3 from 3 hours to one

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