Vaccinate or Not and Why? What are your Stories? Are There Any Risks?

So just curious! How many parents have never vaccinated their children? Are they ok? Do they get sick a lot? Or are they healthy as can be? What made you make the decision not to vaccinate? Do people bully you because of the decision not to vaccinate? I really want to know how many kids are unvaccinated? And how many have been for decades and seem to be ok?? Really curious about this. Kind of got into an argument with a friend about my son being unvaccinated I just want to know some more facts.

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    My son had never been; he's extremely healthy. His stepbrothers come from moms house all the time (and I swear they're sick every time, also fully vaccinated to the max) and he's gotten sick from them once. I was never vaccinated, and I'm extremely melting healthy, so that's why I chose to listen to the wise, and do my research.

    All in all, vaccines are out of control nowadays. You can't trust doctors anymore. The dosage and amount of vaccines are crazy. The risks are far too severe. If you plan on vaccinating wait till their about to go to kinder, space out the dosages, and make sure you're getting the right dosages.


    We have not vaccinated both our daughters, both are healthy, had odd sniffle but never lasted more than a day or two. I had two vaccinations growing up but all before the age of eight I have had colds but nothing major, I personally will get a cold every four years that lasts for a week.

    Depending on the situation we do not share our choice with others as our one daughter is in dance, and we don't need for her to be ostracized or having her not allows cause others don't read the inserts.

    The more I do my research, the more I know I have made the right choice. Do we still have fears and doubt? Yes, that is just being a parent and wanting to do the best for your family always. Our family respects the decision we made and know we are good parents.

    We also know people that have vaccinated their first child and not the rest, and the child that was vaccinated is sick always. For us, we get more grief from family for not registering them at birth, but again I have done so much research it is sad how corrupt the system is.

    If health care were not based on profits, I would have probably vaccinated, as I believe then it would be safe and not some rich corporations profits. I want a system of trust, and not financial gain especially when it comes to my family.

    We also don't get into discussions about it as I have no time to waste on people who do not read, we have family members who are doctors and yes we have discussions all the time. Makes for an interesting evening.


    I have 2 completely vaccination free. The oldest of those 2 is 3 and has had only a couple colds in her lifetime and 1 ear infection (cleared up with garlic oil). That's it.

    My 2nd child was partially vaccinated until 4 months. She is now 6. She had RSV as a newborn, roseola at 4 months (it was really mild) and has had minor ailments here and there such as a cold or a 24-hour stomach bug but it's pretty rare.

    My first daughter was completely vaccinated until 2. She spent her first 3 years sick constantly. She had ear infections all the time; she had colds all the time, horrible eczema, awful allergies, rotavirus (from the vaccine), flu (from the vaccine), asthma, acid reflux…etc.
    It took about a year of not vaccinating to start really seeing improvement.

    She is now 8 and is rarely ever sick, however, she still always ends up the sickest of all of my kids on occasion they do get a cold, but even that is improving with time since stopping vaccinations.


    My unvaccinated daughter is 2.5 years old. Had about 3 colds and a roseola virus by the time she was 24 months old. She started daycare 2 months ago and is bringing some sort of cold-causing viruses every week (she goes for 3 days per week for half days).

    She takes best vitamins, cod liver oil, probiotics, etc… and still is catching those viruses. However, I must admit that when she is sick, she looks like she isn't bothered by the illness at all. She is playing, eating, laughing etc… even when she has a fever. She never had an ear infection.


    I had my daughter vaccinated till age 5 and my son till age 2; then my son got a reaction to the vaccine. I researched for the first time, and it broke my heart how uneducated I was.
    Now I have a newborn who is completely VACCINE FREE and is 9 months now.

    I'll tell u this right now all my kids including my husband and I all got sick last year and this year except my new baby who is unvaccinated. I don't know if it's because I'm breastfeeding him or what, but he hasn't gotten sick yet, and I'm amazed by this.


    My youngest (2) hasn't had any vaccines; she doesn't get sick, no ear infections or anything like that and she's advanced for her age. My oldest (9) is partly vaccinated up to the age of three; she had developmental delays, ear infections, RSV, and was sick often.

    Since we stopped, she doesn't get sick too much, but she does have ADHD. My husband is unvaccinated, he had measles when he was a kid, said it was no big deal. I stopped vaccines mostly because of the toxic ingredients, and I've learned the vaccine-preventable diseases aren't really dangerous.

    I also didn't know about exemptions when my oldest was little, so even though I didn't trust them (past experience with big Pharma), I didn't think I had a choice.


    My daughter is completely unvaccinated and has never even had a cold or sniffle. Her cousins that come over every day are fully vaccinated and always sick. I think because my little one hasn't been injected full of toxins, she fights off all the germs easily. My in-laws ask all the time if she's getting shots and I tell them, no, and they drop it. Some people will talk bad about me for not vaccinating, but it doesn't bother me ???? one day they'll get tired of treating their kids' seizures, ear infections, and constant colds and open their eyes.


    My grandmother from my mom side and all her siblings did not get vaccinated, and they never had the chicken pox, measles, mumps all that vaccinations that Government swears we must vaccinate from.

    I was 5yrs old for school enrollment in the '70s; I remember getting vaccinated ones in the arm, and that was the last time. My mom did not continue after that. My brothers and sisters hardly got sick, but we did get the chicken pox after vaccines.

    All my four children got vaccinated in the '90s and early 2000. My two older children got chicken pox, and my two young ones did not. My oldest son had a constant cough, developed bronchitis and ear infections… always in and out of dr office.

    After developing so many throat infections, his tonsils had to be removed then the moment my youngest started school he developed throat problems as well but not as severe around the time I started learning about natural alternatives.

    He was also at a point for tonsil removal, but natural stuff worked! I was ignorant and clueless about vaccines ???????? but now I'm not, and I'm protecting my grandchild from it and trying to educate my self as much as I can to help others. If you're here and researching, you're doing the right thing!


    My husband is unvaccinated and has never had issues other than hayfever, the cold and the occasional flu. He's turning 27 this year. My children ages 4 and 15 months have also never had issues other than colds, occasional fevers and the flu.

    Nothing I would vaccinate against, but I wouldn't be too upset if they got the mumps, measles, chicken pox, etc. Because they would gain life long immunity and be less susceptible to certain cancers and diseases that are worse in adulthood such as shingles, I say let them have the MINOR stuff while young so their bodies can handle the bigger stuff later.


    My eldest was given vaccinations in the hospital without my consent and then unvaccinated until she was 4. I was pressured to get her UTD but her first lot she had reactions from so I discontinued. She was so unwell that she was having delirious convos with people who weren't there while awake. Never again. Hardly ever gets sick!

    The 2nd child had immediate adverse reactions and developmental regression with long term learning difficulties.

    3rd & 4th children vaccinated in hospital under threat of not leaving and having CPS bought in. Unvaccinated after that. 

    The 3 younger kids have had chicken pox and whooping cough even though #2 was vaccinated for those, and get the occasional cold or flu or gastro virus. They are all perfectly healthy.


    I’m 22 and have never been vaccinated myself, and neither has my husband we have a 2 yr old who is healthy as can never be vaccinated 🙂 and we are due with our second son who also will not be vaccinated.

    I do not discuss my decision not to vax with a lot of people. Both sides of our family know, And all my friends know. They are all fine with it. Most of my friends think I’m crazy cause their kids are vaccinated, but we agreed we both want what’s best for our babies and accepted each other’s choices. My kids my choice. Period.


    Honestly, my unvaccinated kids DO get sick all the time, but it’s rarely more than a simple cold. I’m the one who doesn’t do well with colds, unfortunately. The only time they had more than a cold was when hand foot and mouth went around, but it was SO MILD compared to what other vaccinated kids went through. They were not very uncomfortable at all!

    And just one time when my then-3-year-old needed prednisone for croup. That was the only time in all my 8 years of being a mom that I took any of my kids in for an illness.

    I have 4 kids. Only my first-born had 4 vaccines and the rest had no vaccines. None of them have any chronic conditions. No allergies, no asthma, etc.


    My older son is partially vaccinated, and my younger son is not vaccinated. (they are 2 and 4) My younger one has a much stronger immune system and hardly ever gets sick. My older one doesn’t get sick often, but when he does, it seems to linger.

    My little one gets over everything is like a day or two. Both of them are in full-time preschool, so they are exposed to everything. We bathe them every night and also do daily probiotics, and I think that helps a lot too.

    My older one also had RSV when he was six weeks old, and I think that affected him long term which is why he always tends to take longer to get over his colds.


    My fully vaccinated kids are the sickest and 1 has autism. My 18-month-old is my healthiest and only had hep B, Vit K, and DTap. When she had DTaP at two months old, she stopped breathing that night. No vaccines since. She had whooping cough when she was too young for the vaccine.

    We caught it in time for her to get a Z-pack and she was better within a few days. I wish I had known about the vitamin c protocol instead, but the important thing is that most of the things we vaccinate against are treatable and not as dangerous as we are led to believe.

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