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    Solution 1: Start taking a Tablespoon of honey, a splash of lemon if you have it in a cup of hot water every morning. If you have apple cider vinegar that is good at it also. If you’re getting a dry cough, get a pan of hot water steaming and put towel over your head to cover pan, inhale slow and deep.

    Solution 2: Mullein opens up the lungs and is an expectorant – also really easy to find growing wild, which makes it a first go-to medicine when I or the folks around me have lung troubles. I feel like a tea gives the best results. Some people like to smoke it, but using a vaporiser would be better.

    Solution 3: Aloe is also an expectorant. Cut the leaf lengthwise in half, scrape the gel from the inside of the leaves, put in blender with fresh squeezed lime or lemon, a pinch of clove (optional) and lots of honey. Store in glass and then take a shot of it 2-4 times/day.

    Solution 4: Rub some Vicks vaporub on the feet, and put some socks on. Use a Vicks stick for the nose at night. Sleep with some hot rice socks, it made me felt better.

    Solution 5: Just in case if you’re on certain blood pressure meds, that’s famous for causing a dry hacking, non-productive cough. If your cough is somewhat productive, pineapple juice is the way to go.

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