What Can Cause Liver Infection with High White Blood Cell Count?

Sunday my daughter was admitted to the hospital. She has a problem with her liver. Something about her levels are high, plus white blood cell count was extremely high, which points out infection.

She is only 26 yrs old.

Bad abdominal pain. Antibiotic through IV, pumping IV fluids into her. Has not been able to hold down foods. Hospital has given her meds for nausea. All kinds of blood work done & one doctor’s comment she must have caught a virus.

As a mom, I flipped out at the doctor. A virus doesn’t attack the liver of a healthy young 26 yr old. Still in the hospital. Any suggestions?

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    Could be acute hepatitis A which is a virus, which can be gotten from food sources or unclean hands of a food prepper or server. I've hepatitis C with much the same symptoms. Hepatitis A, B & C are all viruses that attack the liver. Just have different routes of getting the infection. Blood or food-borne pathogens.


    Back in the '80s, my Dr. thought something was wrong with my liver also, same as what you described is happening to your daughter. It turned out it was my gallbladder not working and had a tear in it causing an infection. Had gallbladder and appendix removed and then I was good as new. It is worth asking your Dr. about. I hope she starts feeling better soon.


      It turned out that she has a CMV virus in her system. Has to see the specialist and primary care this coming week. Still weak and hurting but finally home. Her arms are all bruised from blood work. Her diet is changed; for now, no fatty foods; the liver can't process at this time. Hopefully, she continues to heal.


    I'd definitely get a 2nd opinion. I went to the hospital a few years ago for what they said was a "normal bladder infection" (heck of a bladder infection, they thought something ruptured when they sent me to the ER).

    A year later I went back to the doctor because of the same symptoms again, the doctor told me, No it was wrong records say I had a horrible intestinal infection and claimed I was there for 3 days when I was really discharged a few hours later. Told him that he said, "well they should have kept you". I'm still not sure how that can be confused, even the papers they gave me said bladder infection.

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