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    Peppermint oil capsules (Pepogest, Ibgard, and Heather's Tummy Tamers) at least an hour before eating or on an empty stomach. It seemsHeather's Tummy Tamers work best for me. Ibgard was next. Pepogest was a bit strong for me but really worked. If I forget, and tummy is upset, I drink peppermint tea. Both seem to move food out of the small intestine for me.


    Take Magnesium; however, in my opinion, is that any supplement for MMC/constipation is only effective if you actually give it the tools to work properly.

    I think the best things are: keeping physical pain to a minimum or zero, along with stress, if you can't, then taking a cortisol manager or calming aid to mitigate effects as both of these completely shut down the MMC function.

    Being strict about spacing meals: at least 3, if not 4-5 hours between meals/food and at least 12 hours fast each night. MMC needs no food on top of it to do its job properly.

    Acupuncture focused on your digestive tract; YOGA is incredible for MMC, as well as chiropractic for your Vagus Nerve. And conscious breathing and visualization. Taking a minute to decompress and visualize food moving through your system while breathing deeply.

    And taking your time on the toilet, again breathing, visualizing things moving through and out of you. Teaching your body how to function properly again is the best prokinetic there is. But yes, it takes time. But in the meantime, the supplements that just get you to poop are important.


    Try these tried and tested things by myself:

    • Vagal stimulation, gargling, gagging, singing, humming… breathing aka Tim Harris
    • Visceral manipulation
    • Abdominal massage

    Take a look at Tim Harris blog entry – I started doing it about 11 months ago, and I've had zero constipation since then. It definitely works! I started with 20-25 minutes twice a day. Now that I'm regular, I do once a day. It was like a miracle. Usually, if I do it in the morning, I end up having to stop and go to the bathroom ?.

    For Vagal stimulation, have a look at Datis Kharrazian and SIBO, gut-brain access, and the vagus nerve.


    My first dose of ginger did not go well. Neither did my second. I quit after two attempts. Now, a year later, I am taking Motil pro every evening.

    Does it give me some ginger burn? Yes. But it got better. I take it without food at night with a lot of water. My body seems to have "adjusted to it," and most importantly, it is working, when nothing else would.

    That being said, if you really can't, I know we're all different, but maybe give it another shot.


    LDN is great for autoimmune illnesses. I think you misread or misunderstood because LDN is mostly used for autoimmune and has great results. 

    I'm on it for Hashimoto's, Celiac, Lyme, etc… has helped me so much. I have been able to lower my thyroid meds, decreased my pain, better sleep, and have helped my GI tract move better :). 

    You need to start at a very low dose – it’s given in small doses up to 4.5 mg/m. It also helps with the restless leg from SIBO if you have that issue.

    You have to get it from a reputable compounding pharmacy like Belmar or Skips to avoid yucky fillers. I just pay cash for it, don't know if insurance covers it, probably would. I pay $28.00/month for 2.5 mg tabs includes shipping.

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