What Causes Stomach Bloating to an Anemic Person?

So I was back at the doctors today, my stomach looks like I’m pregnant (bloated) & I can’t breathe. The doctor looks over labs from last week & said nothing looks really bad. I think we need to put you in the hospital, let me call in another doctor. Long story short, I had 3 doctors checking me out, they didn’t put me in the hospital. They sent me home with GAS drops when I can’t frigging breathe and I gained almost 4 pounds in 4 days even when I’m not eating.

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    I had felt this same way since my infusion almost 3 weeks ago. One doc says not from the infusion, one says it is my liver because of the iron, another just won’t follow up. I swear they make me feel like I am going crazy.

    I have a small umbilical hernia and, the last weeknight, it sounded like I was walking in wet shoes when I pressed on it. My gastro office schedule an appointment to discuss it or go to the ER. This was during the day when they were open. I also discussed with the naturopathic doctor & he also said it could be because of the umbilical hernia.


      I have one too could that cause the bloating. It’s really small my doctor said, just keep an eye on it.


    If it’s on your left side near the rib cage that’s most likely splenic flexure syndrome, which is what I have, it can feel like your having a heart attack if too much air gets trapped in that part of the intestinal tract.

    If it’s on your right-hand side it could well be gallstone attack, a friend suffered from severe low iron count, and for months kept having tight pain, bloated and hardly eating. It took four hospital admissions before he was diagnosed correctly.


      Had gallbladder removed a couple of years ago when all this mess first started, and I did get better for a while, then it started over.


    Could be a side effect of bad constipation caused by iron. Creates terrible gas & bloating, and can happen even from infused iron. Gastrointestinal (GI) side effects can put a lot of pressure on the diaphragm, which can really affect your capacity to move air.


    My friend was like that with ovarian cancer, and something in her stomach was causing fluid build up, and it was all pressing on her lungs. Statistically, a lot of women get bloating perimenopause and the low ferritin on top combined causes breathing issues.

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