What Symptoms Lets You Know if Your Blood Sugar Level is Low or High?

I was diagnosed last month with type 2 diabetes. I had gestational diabetes with my pregnancy a year ago. I had a hard time eating right so I gave birth to an 11 lb 7 oz boy. They had to take him to the NICU immediately… I was devastated!! He finally came home after one week.

Fast forward to now. It’s been a lot going on with my health and having diabetes is no walk in the park! I don’t test every day and I don’t eat right. Somewhat active. I’m already taking antidepressants because of a rocky relationship I’m in, but this makes me sadder sometimes. I’m not on meds, and I’ve been to the diabetes center once last month.

I don’t understand when I don’t feel good sometimes is it because of diabetes? What are some symptoms you feel that lets you know you’re sugar is low/high? I doubt my sugar will be low, but you never know! Sometimes I’m driving and don’t feel well too especially if I hadn’t had anything to eat in a while.

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    It's called postpartum depression. It's called being told you have a life-threatening disease. It's the reason why there are mental health professionals out there with specialties in your area of need. Keep interviewing these professionals until you find one who actually helps you. You don't have to suffer alone. Your counselor will also be able to help you work out your feeling about relationships. Good luck – and don't be afraid to fire any therapist who is not working, they are a dime a dozen, but a good one is priceless.


    The symptoms for everyone is different; how I learned to tell is to test when I feel odd. One night while I was visiting relatives in Florida, I was feeling cold even though I had a long sleeve shirt on. I was outside, so I thought it was cold. I turned to my mom and asked if she was cold she said no, so I ran and checked it was at 45.

    Another time I am in a cafe directly under the AC and I was tremendously hot, aching, sleepy, agitated. I thought the AC wasn't working well, something said check your BS, the reading was 200+.

    So now I know, chills = low, extreme heat = high.

    I also understand doing what’s right is difficult at times. I have the worst days. Some days my work can start at 9/10 am, other days I have to be out of the house by 5 am. I will have meetings back to back and deadlines to meet, and breakfast isn’t possible until 2 pm. But doing better really has to start with you, and it starts with constant testing to see how far you can push your body before it pushes back.

    Diabetes is a lifestyle change, and for each person it’s different.


      I do the opposite when I am low my face feels like it is on fire then I start sweating. Otherwise, I am always cold.


    You will feel much better when you get your eating habits under control. You have to look at this as a lifestyle change, not a diet. Focus on the things that you CAN eat, not what you can't.

    Meat, eggs, cheese, non-starchy vegetables. Lots of great recipes out there that are low carb/diabetic friendly. Also, learn to eat to your meter so you can start learning what foods cause a spike and avoid them.

    Test before you eat, one hour after eating and again at two hours after eating. If it spikes you more than 20 pts, it's probably not good. I didn't like testing at first either, then I just told myself that it hadn't hurt me yet (lol) but not checking it could. You have a baby, girl! You're tough; you got this!

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