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    All fruits and vegetables are good for you! Very starchy vegetables, like corn, squash, etc. should just be eaten a bit less frequently. But honestly, fill up on anything else, in my opinion. Fruits – there are some that have less sugar than others, I'd maybe stick to some of the ones with less sugar, but again, they are all still pretty healthy in moderation!


    All of them are good for you!! Nobody ever put on weight from eating too much fruit and veg.
    I'd be more worried about not eating enough than eating too much. Don't worry about sugar content etc., the lack of vitamins and minerals from not eating enough is worse than the sugar.

    Vitamins and minerals are essential. For optimal health and weight loss, we just don't function properly without them. Get those veggies and fruits down you!

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    Berries are really good for you! A lot of fruits have high sugar content, so it can sometimes lead to more sugar cravings. It's healthy sugars, but it can lead to more sugar addictions, which can prevent you from losing weight.


    I hate eating fruits and vegetables, so I just take my greens once a day; it detoxes, alkalizes, balances increases energy levels, and speeds up your metabolism! Best thing I ever tried 🙂

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