Why Sugar Levels are Elevated in Morning When on a Diet Plan?

I am a Type 2 Diabetic. Just started a new eating plan two weeks ago and I am eating very little carbs. My sugar levels are elevated in the mornings. I don’t understand because before the new eating plan I was eating sugar and carbs and my morning reads were much less. Any ideas?

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    Your stomach is empty at night when you go to bed, that's when your body to compensate start burning the fat. And fat cells stores sugars, so when fat burns, it secrets sugar. That's why, in the morning, sugar levels are high. So don't freak out, it is a good thing. Unless you wake up and eat a box of king dongs, that's not so good.


    Your body could be overcompensating the liver & it could be releasing sugar. This is also called Liver dump, or the medical term is Dawn Phenomenon.

    It could be that your sugar starts to go too low during the night, and your liver says, "This body needs some sugar," and it converts some fat to sugar. The problem is getting the right amount. Often, this results in too much sugar going into your bloodstream, and your morning levels are high.

    For example, if my bedtime glucose is less than 100, my morning sugar will be high (for me) since blood sugar usually drops during the night. So, I will eat a snack of a couple of crackers and some peanut butter or something with a carb and some protein. That usually works for me.

    You can try a 15-gram carb snack before bed, and if in doubt, you can always call your doctor's office and ask about it. Sometimes it's just trial and error and what works for one don't always work for another – our bodies are different, good luck, I know you'll be fine. 

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      Agreed. There is a synergy between complex carbohydrates and protein. Your body needs a certain amount of complex Carbohydrates to metabolize and turn into sugar, which provides energy to your body. If you do not get enough, your brain signals your liver to dump glucose… then your numbers rise. So the myth of DON'T eat carbs is not true. The key us learning what the right carbs are and portion/size.

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