Diet/Workouts Recommendations for a Person Diagnosed with PCOS?

I was diagnosed with PCOS last week. My diagnosis came after noting symptoms in addition to a pretty rapid weight gain despite exercise and dieting. Any information if I could get in regards to diets/workouts is much appreciated. I knew low GI (Glycemic Index) foods and modified Atkins diet seem to be recommended. What experiences have you all had with metformin for weight loss?

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    My doctor was a woman also with PCOS and the best advice she gave me was always eat a protein with a sugar/carb. She also told me if I ate double my protein to carbs then I would lose weight. And she was right – the only way I ever lose weight is if I eat 60 g carbs and 120 g of protein per day. Which is really hard to do but easy to keep track of.


      Do you track the amount of fats you eat or just the carbs and protein?


        Just protein and carbs. She told me not to be really concerned about data because my body would use them for energy. It worked really well and really simplified things.


    A couple of things I have found to help: drink 64 oz of water a day, do not drink sugary beverages, eat plenty of protein, and metformin works well for insulin resistance but may cause gastrointestinal (GI) issues and should be taken with vitamin B12, and depending on your symptoms birth control can help.

    I did a low carb/ketogenic diet for 6+ months after being diagnosed with PCOS and insulin resistance. Took 1,500 Metformin (extended release) daily, along with various vitamins and supplements suggested by the specialist. I lost 45 lbs and restored normal cycles and ovulation, as well as conceived naturally last a few months back. I’m now 30 weeks pregnant with gestational diabetes and eating a limited carb diet again.


    Keto diet and have your vitamin levels checked. I have come across many with PCOS with extremely low Vit D. Some with low Vit B, metformin will make B even lower. I tried and tried metformin, always had severe side effects and never had any results. Since I have started Keto and added high dose vitamin D3 and B12, weight is falling off, and all other PCOS symptoms are improving.

    As I learned, Metformin isn’t for weight loss. It is for insulin issues including insulin resistance and diabetes. If you don’t have insulin issues and take metformin, you could suffer from lactic acidosis and stroke which are both fatal. Also, make sure you’re seeing an endocrinologist since PCOS is an endocrine disorder with possible gynecological symptoms. Endocrinologists are PCOS specialists.


      How do you know if you have insulin issues? My doc just put me on metformin. She did no labs, nothing. I was just having difficulty losing weight and had been exercising heavily and eating the whole30 diet and only lost 5# during a couple of months. So she thought metformin would help.


        Demand a Glucose tolerance test with insulin draws. That will tell you the WHOLE picture insulin wise. You can also ask to have your A1C tested. That number will tell you what insulin issues you have, if any.

        PCOS is an endocrine disorder with possible gynecological symptoms. Endocrinologists treat hormone imbalance and diabetes. Your endocrine system is your hormone system. Therefore, endocrinologists are PCOS specialists. Primary care physicians and gynecologists treat the SYMPTOMS of PCOS. An endocrinologist treats the ROOT of the problem.


    How many calories are you eating? If you’re not eating enough, your body may think it’s in starvation mode. Also, you mentioned you were working out a lot; you may have some adrenal fatigue, this would take a lot of exercising over a long period to get to this point.

    I’ve found that weight lifting is very helpful vs. straight cardio. I’ve tried low carb several times, and it didn’t work for me, mainly because I wasn’t able to stick to it. Carbs (complex carbs) before or after exercise help me with energy and to stay on track.

    I’ve recently started to take ovasitol and berberine supplements to help with insulin resistance. It’s been two week so far, no drastic changes, but the late night cravings are reduced.


    I gained 300 pounds after my hormone problem began. Going gluten-free helped but it wasn’t until they put me on birth control pills that I really lost weight. I’ve fought for years to get some. Monolyniyah is the best one I’ve ever had. I lost ten pounds in less than a month and another ten since then. Now I just need to give up gluten again. I was recently diagnosed with congenital spinal stenosis, which explains why my back hurts all my life; hence exercising is limited for me. Aqua therapy is my only option and I don’t get to the pool nearly enough.


    I was seeing a reproductive specialist when trying to convince last year, and he put me on metformin without labs being drawn… his reason for doing so, was that: even though PCOS looks different for everyone, the main underlying issue that he has found to be present with all is an insulin issue, mainly insulin resistance.

    I never lost weight with it, but my cycles did become regular again, and I was able to conceive with a low carb diet also. When pregnant, lab tests found my sugars and A1C was always normal. I am not sure if he was right, but it seemed so… for what it’s worth.

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