Supplement (Vitamins & Minerals) Recommendation for Eight-Year-Old Kid?

I was hoping somebody could recommend a good supplement for my eight-year-old daughter. She’s very picky and doesn’t like to eat hardly anything, but she’s very skinny though she’s has been very small and in the 0% most her life.

We used to give the Flintstone kids vitamin, and I thought to find if there was a better vitamin for her. She’s got dark circles under her eyes all the times and is looking kind of sickly most days. She refuses to eat almost anything, and since I’ve cut a lot of the garbage food out of the house, she eats even less.

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    Nordic Naturals Nordic Berries are a great multivitamin. I would also recommend cod liver oil daily. Picky eating is often sensory related (which can develop because of poor eating habits) and cod liver is a great way to heal that as well as immune system support with lots of Vit A, D3, and omega fatty acids. Vit C is also important. To get the cod liver consumed by a picky eater, start hiding that in a smoothie.


    We find it easier to supplement individual supplements. Vitamin C, Omega 3 and probiotics. The problem with multivitamins is they often have folic acid. Folate is good. Folic acid not so good.

    If you’re only looking for an alternative then – Smarty pant multivitamin gummies. My boys are picky too. They like these. They have Methylcobalamin B12 and Methylfolate also. Best forms.


    No Flintstones… Nothing with folic acid or those yucky color dyes. That also has Nutrasweet which is bad. 
    We use Vega shakes (Vega One All-in-One Natural Powder). They are actually really yummy! We mix in coconut milk and even put in pancakes. The chocolate and coconut flavor are good!! Fresh thyme market has them in individual packets so you can try them out.


    We use Seeking Health Optimal Start for our kiddos. When my 5-year-old was younger, I'd open the capsule and mix it into applesauce to cover the taste.

    Although I would suggest a naturopathic. Mine requests blood tests and genetic testing to determine the exact nutrients that are lacking and recommends supplements according to need. Everyone is different.


    Get a juicer if you can and make homemade vegetable juices — homemade kefir – the best probiotic, very easy to make yourself. Please don't give her commercial juices, no snacks except fruit or vegetables, fresh.

    If that's not possible then it is way better to get her on a supplement that supports her nutritional needs I highly recommend these two (image attached):

    • Added Attention by Buried Treasure Liquid Nutrients
    • Fish Oil with Vitamin D

    Fish oil is very important for learning and the brain. They have more individual supplementation vitamins, GMP rated by the FDA.

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