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    Not enough calcium can cause issues. Especially if you already have dental issues. I take calcium citrate twice daily and Vitamin D twice daily. I drink tap water too. My city (like most) adds Fluoride to the water. Fluoride is essential in protecting your teeth. You can also find mouth wash with it if you don't trust your cities tap water.


    Long timer here and I am 11 years out and still have all my teeth. I've had good teeth – 3 cavities in my lifetime so I've been blessed that way. 

    Here are some key things:

    • You need regular check-ups.
    • If you vomit after surgery, you must rinse profusely before you brush.
    • Calcium citrate is a huge necessity. Make sure you are on the right calcium
    • Make sure you get the bone mass density test because bloodwork does not reveal calcium issues well.
    • Vitamin D is a huge player in calcium absorption. Watch those levels.
    • Avoid children vitamins. Minerals are essential for your teeth – especially magnesium.
    • Brushing and flossing are also essential and even more so after surgery. The PH of our mouth changes, so dental aftercare is huge!! Adding dental rinses is a good idea like mouthwash.

    A word of warning – if your teeth are in bad shape, then going into surgery is going to make things worse. You need to make sure that you're on top of your dental care before surgery actually even happen!

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    Yes, after the sleeve surgery, I never had perfect teeth, but it never fails. Every six months I go for checkup. Every six months, I have cavities. Never in my life have I ever felt so ashamed like I do every six months at the dentist.

    I use a prescription fluoride toothpaste plus rinse. I also have a few friends who had WLS & they experience the same. My dentist says even though it's not proven yet studies show WLS have a higher risk of decay due to Malabsorption etc. Of course every doctor every dentist every person will have a different opinion. Take your vitamins n stay on top of dental hygiene is all you can do.

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