Does Anybody Tried “Pill Cam” to Find if You’ve Internal Bleeding or Not?

I tested everything related cause of anemia like endoscopy & colonoscopy, all kind of cancer test, pelvic MRI. And the answer is negative. But my main problem is, after taking three months of iron supplements, when taking blood test everything is fine. You drop taking iron pills, after two months all my symptom will come back, especially anxiety and nausea every single day. My question is if anybody, tried Pill Cam to find if you’ve internal bleeding or not?

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    I did the pill cam. It was not able to see where the blood was coming from. Are you sure you have intestinal bleeding? Also, you need to take iron pills for a minimum of 3 months after blood tests are normal.


      No, I’m not sure that’s why I ask it.


        They can tell you by checking to see if there is any blood in a stool sample.


    For me, I think I have to take the pills as maintenance, otherwise, the next blood tests won’t be normal. Even without an identified cause, or maybe especially without an identified cause, keeping up iron supplementation on a maintenance level, seems really important. If I stop, my numbers drop.


    I was anemic last month and had a Pill cam test last week; results have yet to come back. Worry is now on capsule retention.

    A good way to check if you passed it? Silicone glue a strong magnet in the toilet bowl side, overlapping the edges, so it doesn’t get flushed away. One from a dead hard drive will work, if you don’t have one, you can buy a thin 25-pound force one from hardware supply. Make sure it is on the side, so it doesn’t block the flush jet.

    Stool samples can only do so much. The Pill cam can help spot the location of bleeding. The results take a while to come back because they not only thread the images into a movie but map the tract into a distance model to approximate the location of any abnormality seen in the images.

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