Are there any Home Remedies for Sinus Polyps?

Are there any home remedies for Sinus Polyps? My husband has them bad and can’t taste or smell and has a constant runny and stuffed nose. So we take him to the Ear Nose Throat Dr. and they give him meds and prednisone and he can smell and taste and his sinus feels great and the polyps are gone but his body aches from the prednisone and then after the prednisone is over, the polyps come back and the loss of taste and smell is gone again, this has been a cycle for many years!

He won’t change the diet, he eats standard American diet. They want to give him surgery for his sinus but that is only temporary relief and costs a ton that we can’t spend and besides that, he had surgery 10 years ago for it and ended up in intensive care it was very scary. I read that Sinus polyps are a fungus and I asked the ENT and she said no and that my husband would have to go through the cycle the rest of his life. I’ve searched the internet and can’t find any cures. The Dr. just has him on an endless cycle and no answers or cure.

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    I have battled with sinus polyps and surgeries in the past as well. In my experience, the key to keeping the polyps to a minimum and from recurring so frequent is keeping sinus infections and “allergies” to a minimum. It is these things that cause the irritation in the sinus membrane, which especially if chronic, cause the polyps to recur.

    Yes, if he does not do sinus rinses and keep the sinus healthy, this will continue to happen, and at a much faster rate mind you. I would recommend doing sinus rinses DAILY with warm (body temperature or slightly warmer, which makes it more comfortable as well as helps to break up any blockages of mucous) CS (colloidal silver) or at the very least saline solution.

    In my opinion, the NeilMed sinus rinse bottles are easier and more effective than the netty pot, but to go one further in a case as severe as his, I might suggest using the newer Navage nasal care. Navage is a sinus rinse machine to which you add a saline solution and it rinses our your sinus cavity, collecting the expelled gunk and water in a collection tank underneath as it goes in one nostril, through the sinus cavity and out the other, back into the unit. They aren’t too bad on price and considering the alternative of surgery, well worth the investment.


      Thank you for the info. How are you doing now? What is your daily routine? I feel so desperate for him and it’s hard to see him suffer. I read that Nasal Polyps are a fungus, I wonder if that is true. Can you smell and taste and are your polyps gone?


        My polyps aren’t gone as there were several that had reformed beforehand, but they have been kept at bay for over 4 years now. My previous ENT told me I would need the surgery every 2 to 4 years and so far I’m not in need of it again yet. I don’t believe that polyps are a fungus.

        Just as polyps in one’s colon, sinus polyps occur due to chronic agitation of some kind. It is basically a benign growth but left untreated, it can, of course, lead to the things you mentioned. I have read that they could eventually lead to cancer but I’m unsure of how true that is, although it does seem legitimate.

        I can smell (quite keenly, in fact, my father says I have a hound nose lol) and taste just fine, but previously when it had gotten severe and I had a large grape-sized polyp blocking my left nostril, I had lost much of both senses, and almost entirely my sense of smell, which of course is what brings on the loss of taste.

        The daily routine I would recommend is doing a sinus rinse in both the morning and evening with warm colloidal silver. If it is uncomfortable due to possible burning, he can add a saline packet. At any rate, your husband also needs to make sure he is reducing any sources of inflammation such as seasonal/environmental “allergies”. Without these stressors, and adding the rinses, his issues will improve drastically.

        I’m not saying that he won’t need to have polyps removed if they are overly large, as I’m not sure how well the routine would reduce large ones that are already present, but this will keep them in check afterwards for sure and the rinses alone will help at least to some degree. He needs to be sure to wear a mask where pollen counts are extremely high, like when working in dusty areas, mowing the lawn, etc. And always, always rinse!!

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          He had surgery for his sinus polyps ten years ago and ended up in intensive care and almost died. We moved away from the south, and his problems were gone. We moved back down south, and they came back again. We don’t know what he is allergic to. He is on a painful never-ending cycle of prednisone. The ENT gave us little hope, basically going to the ENT over and over and getting steroids again and again and even then they have nasty side effects, so even though it helps his nose, she might not even prescribe them so he’d really suffer.

          It’s completely shrunk now that he is on prednisone, but he will be out if it in two weeks so I want to act quickly to get him on some natural treatment that works, so right now he can smell and taste and he’s eating so much, cause he loves being able to taste!


            If he is not using CS, which is comprised of distilled water, he should most definitely use distilled water for the rinses. You can also use baking soda as an ingredient in the nasal rinse packets: that is what neutralizes any possible pH imbalance and chlorine that might be present, which can make the burning sensation that some experience with plain water rinses, even sometimes with distilled water, dissipate.


              Increasing colloidal silver is for combating pathogens, not improving digestion. It was Concentrace that affects digestion/regularity, not colloidal silver. Good digestion/regularity can improve allergies because the body is able to get rid of toxins/waste products through the colon/bladder and not the lungs, sinuses and skin. Pulse Testing enables you to determine what foods/substances your body reacts to.


    I have struggled with polyps for about 15 years. I have had surgery 3 times. I had my last surgery April 2018, and my polyps are already back. I was told from the ENT to get allergy shots, but that didn’t mean the polyps wouldn’t come back. I decided I wanted to do research and find a way to control the polyps. What I found was that polyps are caused because of bacteria. If you can control the bacteria then you can prevent the new growth. I went to the heath food store and they suggested xylitol; also they sell it on amazon for a cheaper price. Xylitol is a non addicting nose spray that kills bacteria. I have been using xylitol for about a week now and it is crazy the difference it has made. I was not able to smell, taste, breath, or sleep and now in just a week I feel normal again. It is worth a try.

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