Does Fibromyalgia Causes Stomach Pain, Vomit & Chronic Diarrhea at Same Time?

I have an appointment with a gastroenterologist but can’t wait because I’m so worried. Does anyone with fibromyalgia have stomach issues to the point where they vomit and have chronic diarrhea majority of the week? Sometimes there is blood. It doesn’t matter what I eat, it happens at least 4-5 days out of the week. Usually in the middle of the night, probably because dinner is the only meal I eat. I’ve gotten to the point I don’t want to eat because I know I’m only going to get sick. Has anyone experienced this? What was the problem?

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    I just went through that. I had an 18 mm polyp. It was a Whopper. I called and asked if they had any cancellations and got in 6 weeks sooner. I had a colonoscopy & an endoscopy too. Then it was biopsied. He took samples from the polyp, my stomach, and throat.

    But I don’t believe it’s related to fibromyalgia? Mine wasn’t… when you have fibro sometimes IBS whether it be constipated or diarrhea comes with it. They did a test and couldn’t tell me why I had diarrhea but about 12 days after the polyp was removed it stopped. Try and figure out what is triggering it. Stomach problems can be so many things.


    Good luck with your gastroenterologist. I have IBS but not as bad as it sounds like you have it.
    By the sound of it, you will need to look after the integrity of your digestive system. Dr. Axe says bone broth is great for that because of the glutamine in it, which helps tighten the junctions in the gut which often are compromised in conditions like ours.
    I find that and cabbage juice soothing, which I put in a smoothie with some fruit.


    The blood is what concerns me. I just went through a bleeding ulcer episode. Was in hospital for four days and had 2 pints of blood transfused. Have been on Protonix for a month. Thankfully the bleeding has stopped, and ulcer(s) have healed.

    Was feeling bad again and the doctor took me off the Protonix yesterday. Have felt much better today. I have had frequent bouts of diarrhea. I started taking a probiotic, and it has helped a lot. People with that problem might consider giving the probiotics a try.

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