How to Reduce Pain of a Person Suffering from Small Fibre Neuropathy?

I’m in desperate need of advice if anyone can help me. I was diagnosed with small fibre Neuropathy, and it’s getting worse every day. I can’t take any of the meds for it and have tried everything I can think of that’s natural. I spend my days crying and screaming. I can’t get shoes on anymore, can barely walk. I’m on the verge of a breakdown! Worst pain I’ve ever felt and I’ve been through a lot! Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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    Putting your feet or body into the magnesium bath would help with the pain. Working into the boron slowly as it can detox first which could be more problematic in your case but try to work it in but know that the bicarbonate and magnesium flakes will start to reduce the pain quickly.


    Use the Serrapeptase enzyme supplement. It breaks up fibrin. It has worked miracles in my body! Doctors best, high potency is what I take. Serrapeptase removes the biofilm on the microbes that hideout and causes all our problems. So we can get them out of our systems.

    But please be patient, all these remedies take time. My family is using that brand with great results. My 80-year-old sister dissolved a blood clot in her leg using that.

    Numerous ganglion cyst on my fingers are gone, a bone spur on one finger is gone, two breast cysts are gone, shoulder pain is gone, and my hands don’t ache first thing in the morning! Just imagine what it is doing inside my arteries?


    I’ve experienced a very similar situation with my mom and the pain of seeing her suffer my pain is so heartbreaking. I have a round river rock that I heat in warm water. I rest both feet on it in the evenings as this is when my pain is most intense.

    I also keep a spray bottle of mag oil with me at all times… the instant I feel a fire started, I spray it. She also has lymphedema type II in one leg, and I use turmeric in my cooking as much as possible, also mustard. Other things I use regularly are ACV, lemon juice, celery seed, parsley, oregano, black coarse ground pepper, cilantro and ginger. I try teas or bloody mary type concoctions to change things up sometimes.


    I have small fibre neuropathy all over my body. I tried every kind of natural treatment known to man. I have it in my feet, my back, my ears, my fingers… it only gets worse. Why can’t you take the usual meds for it? They are the only thing that lets me live a fairly normal life. I take gabapentin and amitriptyline. When pain is severe enough, I feel you have to do what you have to do. Have you tried turmeric?


      I’m taking turmeric. I can’t take many medications because I have a genetic disorder called MTHFR. It prevents vitamins and many medications from digesting because it rejects any fillers. It’s hard to treat any medical issues because they can’t be treated through my stomach.


        Hunh, half of the population have MTHFR. It sounds to me like you should be doing a methylation protocol and getting your B12 checked for pernicious anaemia. But please be aware that there is more to methylation than just MTHFR. There could be other factors hindering healing. I would get the full 23andMe test done and find a functional medicine doctor.


    Look into R-alpha lipoic acid (not regular alpha lipoic acid, which is cheaper), acetyl L-carnitine, and N-acetylcysteine (NAC). They have helped me with my neuropathy more than any med. They support the mitochondria, the organelles that power your cells. All are natural substances. Buy a reliable brand such as Life Extension, Jarrow, etc.


    Have you been nutrient tested? B’s, Vit D, more… What’s your diet like? Food triggers can surely be contributing. Anything can be a trigger. I once came to know about someone who had LEAP & learned that turmeric was increasing her pain, even as it helps reduce pain for many.

    Start with getting tested docking, prick test for salicylates. If it comes up allergy positive, stop using turmeric, or anything that has to stand conditions in the open. We found out because my partner was allergic. We were using turmeric religiously, and he got worse. Naturopath told me anything that has to stand up to tough conditions has salicylates. Stopped turmeric & now there are fewer breakouts and pain.


    Have you done a blood test on vitamin B6? If you have too much, it can cause nerve damage.

    Also, the lack of B1 can cause nerve issues. You need to do a blood test or an Organic Acids Test to check it. The blood test usually only shows lack of B1 if it is very very low, the transketolase test is the best. You can also read about this on the articles by Dr Lonsdale on the Hormones Matter blog.

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