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    I have 2 bipolar adult kids. They were raised on vegan, non-vaxx, and they do weed and CBD oil. They both have ultra-rapid cycles and rage disorder. Because their life can be out of control at times they both are thinking about being medicated with Lithium as when they have tried it; it has worked.

    It can be a tough life for them and those that love them. Its nothing to.mess around with. 
    We have tried everything known on this earth since they have been like this since little kids. They have always had ND's as health caregivers.


    I've seen help by the change of diet. Cut out processed foods, sugar and grains. Try it for 30 days. A lot of chemicals disrupt brain function and cause actual changes in the brain. Personally going on a paleo diet, omega 3, turmeric supplements, making sure I get plenty of coconut oil and good fats a day, magnesium malate and lots of water and natural electrolytes like coconut water have helped me a lot.

    Ashwagandha may help balance your mood swings. I believe the natural remedy’s/cures to everyone’s ailment or diseases can be found. Some times it just takes a little more time to work but will be long term health instead of a quick fix pharmaceutical band-aid where the condition can even worsen but its covered with a band-aid so its okay, or other side effects will arise that need to be treated, or it just dulls you out and you become not yourself. As stated it may even get better by a change or two in your diet.


    Lithium can be taken for mood control ~ I would do a Hair Analysis first and see how much you have ~ or if you even need it. It can be taken as a trace element, and I used it in my practice with success.


    I am not a doctor, but years ago I read about a natural remedy for bipolar, and it was a mineral complex. Of course, big pharma went after them;

    Note: I don't have any affiliation with the product or producers. I don't buy it either; their story was part of my "waking up" — a product was helping people and others wanted that to stop.

    My MIL is bipolar; when she doesn't sleep, she has manic episodes. She hasn't had one in a few years, but I cannot credit the medication alone (she has had severe episodes while on it, and we've had some close calls – we can usually spot an episode in the making).

    Unfortunately, a side-effect of her medication is extreme weight-gain, and we're very worried about her health. It's difficult to discuss treatment with her because, on the surface, she doesn't admit that she has bipolar. She says her medication is to help her sleep.

    We've tried to get her off all grains, and they are restricting them at least. And here is my reasoning why this is helpful; grains contain anti-nutrients, and in some people, this greatly reduces the ability to absorb minerals (including magnesium and other nutrients). Magnesium deficiency is linked to a sleep disorder (and many other problems).

    So, I would recommend a gut-healing diet (no grains, no unfermented soy, no refined sugar) and magnesium supplementation at least. But if one tends toward depression or cycles, I've only just started reading about that. Vitamins C, B (complex), and D among others are involved.


    With almost every mental illness, insomnia, etc. you'll find a weakened nervous system. A thinned Myelin sheath, the fatty part that surrounds your nerves – if you rebuild this it will resolve itself. To rebuild the Myelin Sheath take Omegas and Evening Primrose Oil, always eat a protein (almonds, walnuts, etc.) with them so the liver can use these oils properly.

    I would see an ND who does Iridology and let them decide you how much of the oils you'll to take need daily. I took a large amount whenever I was rebuilding. The results were phenomenal. Instead of treating symptoms, you're fixing the cause.


    CBD oil is another option, no psychoactive side effect. My daughter is severely bipolar, and we have maxed out doses of all medications, and she was forced to go off Abilify drug as it was making her eyes twitch weird after 4 years of use. She started CBD oil, and it has helped her mood and anxiety so much. It's made from hemp, so it is legal in all states. We order from SourceCBD online.


    Look into Lithium Orotate. It's a safer form to take lithium but still be under the observance of a doctor so your blood levels can be tested often.

    Wellbutrin which is a rather benign pharmaceutical anti-depressant and Lithium Orotate which is a naturally occurring necessary mineral is a great combination. Lithium Orotate can be found at your health food store or ordered online.

    Europeans have been using it for the last 30 years to deal/heal/assuage bi-polar disorder. Pharmaceutical Lithium is given in very high doses, and the resulting nausea is often intolerable. A friend went through Andropausal depression and this combination of Wellbutrin and the supplement, Lithium Orotate got him out of his depression and back to work. Make sure you are eating well, have a routine of low stress, yoga, exercise, and meditation.


    I am bipolar and to be honest I've tried almost everything natural my mom could find that would help. The only thing that helped was Rx Lithium. I am not one to give in to big pharma, but sometimes I just choose my battles. But I need almost 1500 mg. So lithium orotate didn't work for me.


      Do what works for you. And keep trying alternatives. Few people escape nausea on Rx Lithium. Homeopathy can be taken with pharma. Then ease off the pharma’s to see what works. Also, Wellbutrin with Lithium Orotate worked for a friend of mine. It is one of the more benign Rx drugs.

      Also CBD oil (my preference is from or tincture. You need a 215 card and a reliable dispensary that can guarantee an organic product. Pain levels down! Mood UP!

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