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    Drinking a tea made from red raspberries or red raspberry leaves, three times daily, may make a difference in the number of anti-inflammatory medications needed to reduce pain.

    Combine 1 ounce dried raspberries and leaves in 1 pint of boiling water and allow to steep for 15 minutes. Strain and drink hot or cold. You need to gradually introduce your body to the raspberry tea, too much, in the beginning, may cause some diarrhoea because the raspberry is getting rid of toxins in your body at the same time. And it is a really good tea. 🙂


    There is an enzyme in pineapple called “Bromelain” that also assists with inflammation. Juicing pineapple and adding a combination of aloe, ginger and turmeric is said to give great resolve.

    White Willow Bark is used to reduce inflammation and fever and is very effective in reducing lower back pain. You can find it in capsules, & tinctures and drink it in the form of tea. I made it into a tea for a gentleman when I was volunteering at a homeless shelter.

    Of course, being in a “program” did not permit him prescription pain medication, so we opted for the White Willow Bark tea. God blessed us with great success, and his pain was greatly reduced.

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