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    I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. It is a hypothyroid condition. I dropped my TSH number from 21 to 4.9 without traditional medications. It is an autoimmune condition. So, it has to be a plan for life. It is believed that many, if not all, autoimmune problems start from the digestive tract.

    I do not eat any gluten products and any dairy except for cheese. I use turmeric with black pepper to reduce any inflammation. I use liquid iodine (Lugol’s solution 5%) 1/2 drop in the water every other day. 6 brazil nuts per day for selenium. LOTS of sunlight for vitamin D. I do not use any sugar in my diet also, but I am not sure whether it helps with the thyroid problem or not.

    I stopped drinking green tea (it supposed to suppress thyroid gland), and my TSH number got lower in the summer when there are lots of greens and when I did not eat any cabbage family plants (supposed to be suppressive for thyroid also). I try to test my blood every 3 months to see if I need to change something (not only for TSH but for thyroid antibodies. The last ones dropped from 799 to 140 in 1.5 years, while 0-50 is the normal range).

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