What Can Trigger Depression For A Person with Hashimoto? By Having a Cheesecake?

Recently diagnosed with Hashimoto, I have felt better the last few days, since going gluten/dairy/soy-free last week. But suddenly today, after I ate a gluten-free dairy-free soy-free cheesecake by Daiya, I feel like crap. I’m suddenly depressed, tired and feeling heart palpitations. I don’t know what’s triggering it. I am fine with coconut and cane sugar, which is in the cheesecake. But no dairy, gluten or soy, not sure what else it could be. And now I’m even more depressed… Stupid cycle, I guess?

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    A lot of people, including me, can't have corn either. It's very similar to gluten. Daiya's products use corn in the form of xanthan gum, usually. Corn makes me more sick than dairy actually.

    You would be surprised how much stuff corn has in it. Dextrose and Xantham gum are the big ones I watch out for. I would get a food sensitivity test done. That's how I found out I couldn't have corn. I couldn't figure out why I still felt like crap after eliminating gluten dairy and soy. Look up what ingredients to look out for in corn, and be careful!

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      I don't typically eat corn. Didn't know xantham gum was corn. That sucks. I bet it's the corn causing it. Thanks.


    I have found along with the wheat, I have potato allergy as well, which means potato flour/starch. Maltodextrin hits some people as well too.

    Does it have canola oil? Keep in mind that your body is going to detox a for a while. Your system is going to be off for a while. Adding sugars right now could be difficult. Eat more fruits in the AM and more veggies in the PM. If you find that you're craving sugar a lot, then you need more fruits then.


      What is Maltodextrin made from? I don't seem to have an issue with potatoes.

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