Does Having Blood Antigens Injection (RhoGAM) during Pregnancy Important?

Just wondering what peoples’ thoughts are on this. My blood type is O-negative and every time I get pregnant I had to get blood antigens injected into my thigh. They said it was to protect any future babies I may have from being attacked by my immune system. Is this RhoGAM injection important? Just was thinking if this product would have any of the same side effects or ingredients as vaccines? They told me what it was for and the dangers of not having it. Much like an explanation, they would give when explaining vaccinations. I just never thought about it in the same light as vaccines.

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    Its honestly your best chance at staying pregnant. I have lost 3 pregnancies because of my blood. We are only just figuring this out sadly. Risks are virtually nonexistent. Benefits are literally life-saving. You're being given that because maybe you have a negative RH blood. These are given for avoiding the Rh sensitization.

    Rh sensitization can cause fetal anemia (low iron in the blood), miscarriage, stillbirth, or a serious illness in the baby that is called the hemolytic disease of the newborn. Fortunately, Rh sensitization is very rare because women who are Rh negative can get this RhoGam shot, that stops their body from making antibodies to Rh-positive blood.


    The RhoGam should not be given while pregnant, unless within 24-48 hours after a traumatic injury that might have caused a problem. Should only be given right after birth. It's useless during pregnancy, with the above exception.


    I only did this after the baby was born and only if the baby had a positive blood type. I don't know how safe or dangerous it is or if there's another option. However, the antibodies attacking future baby's blood is a real threat – seen it documented. It is not like a childhood virus that normally is no big deal, and then the child has lifetime immunity. This is totally different. I do think it is cumulative, so the first baby is probably in no danger, while the effects would get worse with each positive baby.

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