IUD vs Birth Control Pills? Which is Better for Ensuring Regular Menstrual Cycle?

I am 42 with Autoimmune. I have been using birth control for the last few years to ensure my menstrual cycle is regular. Without it, I had it for 7 months straight. It was hell on earth. My new doctor wants me to get an IUD. She believes that it will continue to ensure my period is normal without having to worry about the pills. I absolutely hate them though I take them because I am frightened of the alternative. Do you believe an IUD is worth it since menopause is right around the corner? Also, please let me know the pros and cons if you have/had one.

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    Copper IUD is the best, very safe. I had one and loved it because I bleed like crazy, but for the six years, I had it in, I only had spotting for the first three months, then nothing until it was removed. Most doctors will push the one with hormones (Mirena IUD, which has Estrogen) in it. I would have recommended using the Copper IUD, but it has no hormones & I don't know that it will help with regulating your period or not. I did have it for seven years and had no side effects, but again I think the hormones are what you need. My best friend uses Mirena IUD, and she loves it. 


    I had a Mirena IUD for three months when I was 43. Worst decision I ever made! Started gaining weight, had multiple migraines in one week – two in one day. I usually might have one once every couple of years. I started feeling depressed for no reason, several other symptoms I can't remember now. Finally dawned on me to look up side effects, and lo and behold – all were from the Mirena IUD!

    I had to push to get the doctor to remove it. That thing is Satan! It took many months to fully recover from the effects, and now I wonder if it had an effect on me now having Hashimotos.


    Have you been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or Endometriosis? A lot of people with Hashimoto’s have difficulty with their cycle. Are you on the Autoimmune Paleo Diet? Are you getting enough magnesium? I have the ParaGard (copper IUD), but the more I study this particular autoimmune disease, the more they say no birth control would be best. I know that isn’t feasible for many, including me, at this time, but I’m just asking if you tried any of these other things to see if it regulated anything for you. I have to add since I’ve gotten the ParaGard, I get cramps like mad when I didn’t get them before. My cycle is regular with it, but the pain in causes when my period is starting sends me through the roof!


    I have the Mirena (IUD) and have been wondering if I should get another when it's time to come out (soon). I also have PCOS. I've not had any trouble with the Mirena and love the lack of periods. Although I may ask for Copper IUD next though. 


      I had Fibroids and Fibrocystic Breasts and 2 suspicious Mammograms and 2 Biopsies (negative) because of the hormone in Mirena. That stress was not worth the lack of periods. And stress is a huge contribution to my inability to convert T4 to T3!


    Menopause may not be necessarily around the corner for you. Were you diagnosed with PCOS? You have the classic symptoms. I have been there, and it's horrible. It straightened out after I had kids. I will never recommend birth control for people like us.

    Our hormonal systems are already so messed up!

    Can you see a Neuropathic or functional Doctor? They can help you.


    I had Skyla IUD for a year. My thyroid jumped from being normal under meds to 18. (Should be 2-4). I gained a ton of weight and had spotting whenever I bent over or moved my torso at all. Other than that I had no periods. For me, it was the worst decision I ever made.


    My doctor tried talking me into getting one as well (I'm 44). I prefer the pill as it is less invasive. I just take my Thyroid pill and Birth Control pill at different times so I can be sure my Synthroid is absorbed properly. I set my alarm for when I need to take the birth control pill and that has worked out for me.


    Do it! I had a period for almost a year. Every single day. It was the worst! I was on 3 Birth Control pills a day, Menopause meds, waking up with blood all over me. The only fix was an IUD and it changed my life. I went to no period at all and I deserved it.

    I've since had it removed, had two more kids and have not had the issue again. Not sure if it reset my body or what but it was worth it. Don't worry about foreign objects and attacks like several have mentioned. Worst case you can remove it if you don't feel well. If you've never gone through this you can't understand how terrible it is. It's totally worth a shot. Everyone is different.  And I was only 28 at the time. It was one of the worst times of my life.


    Well, for one thing, I think the heavy bleeding is possibly related to your Thyroid issues. Have you gotten it straightened out at all? I was having issues and in hindsight, I'm SURE it was Thyroid related but we eventually did Endometrial Ablation and that was the best thing ever!

    Never had another period then. Was about 42 at the time as well. Some bleeding happened immediately following the procedure for a few weeks maybe but then it stopped – never to be seen again. Insurance typically covers it because the next step is frequently a Hysterectomy and they would rather pay for this.

    My doctor at the time talked me into it. His wife had just had one done for similar reasons. She did have some bleeding, like a day or 2 every 3 or 4 months – he said but NOTHING like the constant stuff she had been dealing with.

    Ever! If you're done having kids then it's definitely something to consider!

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    I have my second Mirena IUD and love it. Hate the process at the GYN, but 20mins of discomfort is well worth five years of reassurance. Never had any problems with the device itself or its protection from pregnancy.

    My menstrual cycles are far and few if at all. The first month was iffy with some cramping and bleeding, but after 2-3months, everything balances out or is suppose to anyway, and it did for me. I wasn't diagnosed with Hypo until after having it for like two years, I think, so I'm not sure if there is any correlation or not, but I still feel the benefit outweighs the risk. ??

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