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    I developed mastitis and could not breastfeed my son, he was allergic to cow’s milk, so I gave him pasteurized goat’s milk and he was fine with that. Colic was gone and he gained weight.


    Try mothers milk tea. I drank it from 36 weeks, and after my c section, my milk came in the next night almost 24 hours later. Keep encouraging her. And yes goats milk is a wonderful substitute.


    Yes to goats milk, we raised goats on my family farm and our doctor referred mother’s if they wouldn’t or couldn’t breastfeed. Especially if the child had allergies to something in the mother’s milk that they couldn’t figure out. Know the source of the milk and go organic.


    I know lots of people that do. It’s best aside from human milk. Try pumping and feeding that first, then give goat milk a try, raw if you can find it from a good source.

    Goat milk is the universal donor milk used for many animals species. Very good for babies who have problems with regular human formula/milk too. According to Dr. Joel Wallach, DVM & ND, human infant formula has only 30% of human infants nutritional needs while all infant animal formulas give 100%!


    Definitely keep trying to breastfeed, mothers milk tea is really helpful too. However, in between breastfeeding, using raw organic goats milk is safe. We used it with our son.

    Both my littlest had raw goat milk as a supplement after I had to go back to work. We had a goat dairy down the road from us. But I hope she doesn’t give up yet.


    Sometimes it takes a few days to kick in.
    Keep on trying. Keep the kid latching ON & try DRINKING TONS OF WATER.
    Eating Oats is great. Flaxseed helped when it was grounded for me. Drink a dark beer, or something yeasty.

    And remember. Baby weight will drop within the first week. All the excess water weight comes off the baby. Pay attention to joe, many pees n poop a day. Mine is 11 months old & started on goats milk. I nurse twice a day.

    I also do raw goats milk GMO-free or Earth’s best organic formula powder milk at night time only.


    My daughter was having a hard time with my grandson too. She was having trouble getting him to latch. She was very tired and stressed (19 years old) and just wanted to give him formula. I tried to reassure her breast milk is the best for him, and she just needed to give it some time.

    The first weekend he was home she was really having a meltdown, so I called a breastfeeding group, and the lady spoke to her over the phone. My daughter just wanted to pump then, but I told her she needed to nurse him to get her milk to come in and supply built first, plus we were waiting for the breast pump to come in.

    I made her some Lactation Cookies, and that really seemed to help with the milk supply. It took a couple of weeks for her to get into a good latch with him. My grandson might have a small tongue tie. So she just has to make sure his mouth is wide open and shove the nipple in as quick as she can. She has been doing really good with it the past couple of weeks. She will nurse him as well as pumping and giving him the bottle. I know a lot of my daughter’s issues were because she was so tired. She is anemic, and it took a lot out of her.


    I have IGT (insufficient glandular tissue) and supplemented with raw goat milk. I also had 3mo of breast milk donated to me, and this was 2yrs before it became popular.
    I hope it works out for her. I supplemented for 13mo, breastfed for 5yrs. Try to support a continued breastfeeding relationship while ensuring the baby gets enough food.
    Also, if I had to do over, I’d use Weston A. Price Foundation breastmilk replacement recipe. I also support supplemental nursing systems, waiting more than 2 days, and checking for lip and tongue tie.


    Be careful. Pay attention to wet diapers and see a lactation nurse from your hospital asap if the baby is always hungry (every hour trying to nurse). On day 7 for me, I was exhausted, my milk was in, but I could not produce more than an ounce at a time (the most I could produce the entire time was 4oz towards the end, but wasn’t consistent).

    I had a pump, did everything I was supposed to do… finally went to a lactation nurse from the hospital I delivered at, and we weighed before and after feedings to see how much she was getting and decided I needed to supplement. After that, I supplemented with organic non-GMO formula, and she was finally full, and I got some sleep again.

    It was hard; I cried my eyes out because I wanted to breastfeed exclusively but plans change. I breastfed until she was 16 months, and switched to goats milk at 1.5 years old instead of cows milk. She also takes a multivitamin every day.


    Please do not give the baby, the goats milk. There’s pumping, donor milk, and a bunch of other formula options that you can choose from. The goat’s milk should only, only be used in the case which breastfeeding and ALL formulas do not work. I have heard of pediatricians using that as a last resort.


    YES! I didn’t have enough milk for my babies. I tried everything… to no avail. The Doctor almost called CPS on me. Goats milk, fresh & RAW right off the farm is the closest milk in chemical composition to Human Mother’s Milk.

    It DOES NOT carry Tuberculosis or Brucellosis, as cow’s milk does.

    Recipe: in 8 ounces of goats milk, add: 1/2 teaspoon of maple syrup and 1 tablespoon mixed organic baby cereal grains or organic baby cereal rice.

    My babies thrived and were very healthy! May you find the method that works best for Baby!

    PS Nettle Tea has Vitamins: A, D, E, and K in it. You drink it (in combo with any other herbal, non-caffeinated tea you wish. It is virtually tasteless, and the baby will get what he/ she needs. Keep breastfeeding if at all possible and supplement with goats milk.

    It is the best and most Ancient alternative known to women. Ancient because it works. My kids are 21 and 24 and in roaring good health. We still drink goats milk, as a family; to this day. It does go bad easily so keep it cold and drink it up fast!

    Best answer

    Give it some time. But if it wasn’t for goats milk, I wouldn’t be here to tell you I survived only because of goats milk! Plus my daughter is 11 months and on goats milk.
    PS: Raw is better then the store bought, but do what you gotta do! I use the Meyenburg brand from Walmart for my daughter. I grew up on fresh though, that’s why I feel fresh tastes better.


    Patience but yes, if she must, one of my daughters supplemented with then raised her son on only goat’s milk when nursing wasn’t possible. He is happy healthy and four years old now. It’s so much better than cow’s milk because cow’s milk was designed to put massive amounts of weight on a baby cow quickly.


    Goat milk is not sufficient. They would need a goat milk formula. She should keep baby on the breast as much as she can until the milk comes in. It’s still early. She can hand express and give it to the baby in a dropper or SNS system also.

    If she genuinely thinks there is a problem She needs to get to a lactose consultant. And if there really is a problem, find a preferred provider to check for tongue and lip ties. Peds often miss them. But chances are she just needs time.

    Mother’s milk tea is great in helping lactation increase. Also, raw organic goats milk would be good to supplement with. Breastmilk should be first any little bit will make a big difference.

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