Can I Nurse a Baby If I Have Flu or Give Expressed Milk?

My son is 12 months never been sick, only vaccinated to two months and still breastfed. I’m coming down with what I believe to be the flu. How likely is he to get sick? Can he still nurse, or can he only have expressed milk? My husband is making me stay away and sleep upstairs, and I’ve never spent a night away from my boy.

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    Keep nursing!!! Your body is making antibodies to fight it and will pass it on to the baby. Wash your hands, practice good hygiene as always. If you're throwing up, it's not the flu. The flu is fever, chills, ache, headache, cough, drainage. The best bet is to give Vit C, breast milk, wash hands & no kissing baby. 

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    I always try to cough into my shoulder or bend of my arm (be consistent with my left side) and then make sure to keep the baby away from that shoulder/arm.

    You do pass on your immunity to him through breast milk, and if you have a good naturopath close to you, then please see if he/she has homemade goat's milk lotion and Oregano Oil to make yourself an all-natural antibiotic you may could rub on your chest (have hubby do your back).

    I would also recommend eucalyptus mint to help open your nasal passages and breathe easier too!! I use that on my forehead/back of my neck for helping with headaches too!


    He NEEDS to nurse. Your body can tell what he needs by his saliva when he nurses. Breastmilk is pretty fantastic stuff. That won't happen if you pump. I suggest wearing a mask.

    Take elderberry syrup and 1,000 mg of whole food vitamin C, an excellent probiotic and raw garlic in your food or minced up and put in warm raw honey and swallowed several times a day.

    If you are throwing up, take activated charcoal tablets. I did this when I had food poisoning in both my last two pregnancies.


    If it is cold or flu, if you stop nursing, the baby will be sicker because he has already been exposed. Proper handwashing and wear a mask during feedings (because so close) to decrease his exposure and nurse on his demand. Your immune system that he depends on is in your milk.

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