Are there any Ways to Take Rick Simpson Oil without Actually Tasting it?

I take Rick Simpson oil for my accident for pain and healing. Anyway. Ever time I take it, it gets stuck to my teeth gums everything. It’s so gross that it feels like tar. Then if I take it with ice cream in the middle so I can’t taste it freezes and isn’t as strong. I can’t stand the taste and would like a better way of taking it please can anyone recommend anything?

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    Mix it with a carrier oil such as coconut or olive oil. Warm it together. I put a filled dropper bottle into a pan that has warmed water it in. Helps to blend the oils. Use sublingually, doesn’t taste that bad.


    Here are some suggestions you can try:

    • Maybe try cranberry juice? Not sure if it’ll help, but I’ve noticed it’s the only thing that hides the taste of my nasty tasting meds.
    • Gel caps. Squirt it in with an oral syringe.
    • Rick Simpson themselves suggests putting it in some bread.
    • Put it in a spoon of peanut butter, and you won’t even taste it.
    • Tincture.

    You can try inserting it into the rectum. You’ll get the same benefits without the taste and, even more importantly, you won’t get high off of it allowing you to function throughout your day. I would recommend an enema first to clean things out. Make it a coffee enema and get all the benefits of that too. Every cancer patient should be doing coffee enemas daily. It is a great detoxifier and greatly stimulates glutathione production.

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