Any Recommendation of Cannabis Oil/CBD Oil without THC for Back Pain?

I’d really like to get some opinions. I am in the military, been serving 17.5yrs. I am not willing to risk my career by doing anything illegal. But I have had severe back pain (lower lumbar L4/L5 and S1 area) from a double ruptured disk, 1 disc -Degenerative Disc Disease (deteriorating), 2 self fused vertebrae, 2 deteriorating vertebrae, and a slipped vertebrae. This causes me so much pain that I can barely live life the way I wish I could.

I have been on narcotics nearly every day since April. I have been dealing with off and on pain for almost 9+ years. I don’t “want” to be on narcotics, but so far it is the only thing that gives me relief. The last 2 days have been beyond painful, the worse I have dealt with over the last 9 years. I am wanting/needing something that works.

So my question is: Is the CO/CBD or anything that you could recommend that doesn’t contain THC? That way I don’t pop on urinalysis. Yes, I live in California and know Prop 64 became legal, but being in the military, it is still illegal. Any assistance would be much appreciated.

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    You can legally use & buy CBD hemp oil pretty much anywhere. Try local health food stores or online. Hemp plants are low in THC & high in CBD. They are different than medical marijuana plants. If you can drink Hemp milk & eat Hemp seeds, you can use hemp CBD.

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      Where can I get CBD Lotion w/o THC? I live in Hawaii. Thank You.


        Try your local health food store or look online. If you have MJ storefronts check with them or if you have a Delivery service.

        I am retired now I use a CBD/THC lotion it works better than all those pills doctor put me on. I have a lot of inflammation due to Arthritis n Fibromyalgia witch I got from having Coccidioidomycosis it's a Fungal Disease (Valley Fever). I wish I would have known about all this Medical MJ when my Valley Fever was active, but if it comes alive again, I'm going to use the Cannabis Oil n lotion.


    I feel for you. I had the same issue when I was working for the sheriff's department for 30 years. I was on pharms that caused all kinds of long term side effects, including that I lost the sight to my left eye. I moved to Oregon as soon as I retired and went off all my pharm meds. I have lupus/fibromyalgia and severe RLS. I now take just a small bit of cannabis CBD oil at night and one tiny puff of Mr Nice Purple and absolutely no pain and a full night's sleep. First time in over 30 years! It's amazing! I hope you can get what you need, but our government is so against this miracle pain-relieving plant. It's so sad.


    Sounds like what I have been dealing with for years. I have ankylosing spondylitis. I have 6 herniated disks, my S1 and the lumbar region is self fused. My sciatic nerve has impinged. I spent a year bedridden with my left leg paralysed. I had 2 micro discectomies. That's what relieved most of my pain. It got the pressure off the nerve and repaid some of the disk issues.

    My disks turn into the bone where most people who don't have ankylosing spondylitis they get soft and squishy. For 12 years, I was on narcotics. For me personally, the CBD oil alone didn't help with the pain, but it did help with the tired feeling and reduced inflammation. When I had the opportunity to start using THC, I was able to come off the narcotics. I've had the most relief that way, without the side effects of pain pills.


      I know your pain. Narcotics almost ruined my life after a spinal injury I sustained during military service. My pain was life-altering, changed my whole life, and I was not living. I've been using medical marijuana for about a year. The difference is like night and day. I get instant, long-lasting relief from the pain by using very small dosages of MMJ. Research it out, and you will find your life back.


        I wanted to say thank you to everyone here. I was afraid I wouldn’t get any responses. I have already done electric-shock therapy, Medial Branch Nerve Block, cortisone injections and spine straightening. None of them worked. The military won’t do back surgery as they estimate that only 50% are genuinely effective.

        After reading all your comments, this is what I am looking at doing or already started:

        1. I had already done some research on Kratom and just ordered some. The reason I am doing this is that I’m afraid it will become illegal after Dec 1st. So I wanted to get some and see if it works and then order a large amount before it becomes unlawful.
        2. I already drink organic turmeric/ginger tea from fresh roots of both, that I get from Whole Foods. But now I look at making a stronger, more potent form of it and actually eating some of the scraps after making the tea. (I will also look at making the “golden paste”).
        3. Going to order some CBD oil (no THC). I am hoping that the combination of the other methods will assist. Along with this, I am going to look at ordering CBD Oil/lotion.
        4. I am also going to be looking for a top-rated acupuncturist. I am leary of this as I have heard some horror stories. But I am still willing to give it a try.

        Again, thank you so much.

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