Does Cannabis Oil cause Vomit & Phlegm to a Person with Glioblastoma Cancer?

My mother, 62 years old, diagnosed with glioblastoma brain cancer just started the third round of 60 ml of cannabis oil.
She ingested 120 ml of cannabis oil in about 95 days. Lately, she hardly eats, a lot of vomit impulses and I can clearly hear she has something in her throat as she is coughing. She did vomit a kind of thick phlegm a few times. I thought maybe she got a cold, but she has no fever.
Are these symptoms common?
Also, she didn’t have seizures for two months, and a few days ago she had three epilepsy seizures. She is on oil, ketogenic diet, some minerals, and vitamins.

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    I have had phlegm lately, and I am very healthy. Could be the body's reaction to something going on. 

    That much oil is going to cause a patient not to feel so wonderful, even if she's built a tolerance. High doses tend to cause appetites to diminish, and as for the seizures, it can be from the brain tumor. Not sure if good or bad, some negative signs can actually be beneficial as many times things look worse before they get better. 

    All I can recommend is to stay the course and keep her feeling as well as possible. Maybe for nausea, a few puffs from a pipe with Cannabis flowers may help.


    When was her last brain scan? If the tumor is growing, it could cause compression to her medulla oblongata (nausea center of the brain) which could also be why she is not hungry? 

    And the increase in the tumor could also be causing seizures if she isn't taking in much nutrition. I would encourage her to eat anything she would like!! She needs calories to maintain her strength. Is she coughing after swallowing food or liquids or just all the time??


      She is coughing only when swallowing food. She is off from sugar. Last brain scan was around 2 months back and showed a bit of growth of the tumors.


    She is probably Herxing where the body is getting rid of toxin. Try Epson salts baths & cut back her cannabis oil consumption slightly to alkaline the body. Give her 1Tbl spoon apple cider vinegar in water or lemon water; they will both help with the mucus, make them both organic. Braggs is the best ACV, it might also help with stomach issues. Add a little Ginger to her food as well. Try adding some CBD oil; it might help with seizures. You can get a Cannabis nose spray for seizures.

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