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    I love Kat's. I don't have PTSD but anxiety, depression, and severe pain. A 15ml size bottle lasts me one month. Give or take a day or two. Make sure you look into getting a vets discount! I hope CBD helps your symptoms.


    I have PTSD, and so far feel CBD is helping me (actually started it for pain first, mental illness second), but I don't take isolate!

    I'm still so skeptical but have been suffering for almost five years. I get better every day but have never been this good. I haven't had a panic attack in FIVE WEEKS. I suddenly realized almost two weeks ago.

    The only difference was that I started my first bottle about five weeks ago. I've even been exposed to triggering situations since then too. My overall verdict is still pending, but I think it was a pleasant surprise. But I can firmly track it through the number of panic pills I haven't been taking.

    I hope you find some relief.


      On a side note… have you heard of neuro/biofeedback? I know a therapist who uses it with her PTSD patients & she said she’s getting massive results in less than 1/2 the number of sessions. She also is a big supporter of CBD for those with PTSD.


        I have not heard of this. Will check. Thanks for the recommendation. 


    Lazarus Naturals has a flavorless High Potency tincture that is made from isolate and is THC free. They also have a discount for veterans. Thank You for your service and I hope the CBD works for you.


      Legally Lazarus Naturals won't give a guarantee of 100% THC free even if the consumption will not lead to failing the tests.


    I take Ultra Cell. It’s Gold standard water-soluble and THC free – 0.00%. Works for my PTSD. Not a combat veteran (thank you for your dedication and service) but lost my family in a car accident. I do have a cousin that takes this that was in Iraq. It helps him tremendously. His doc stopped his Xanax Rx, and he had really spiraled downward. He is doing much better on this.

    This ultra cell is 30ml. Supposed to last a month, but I take a bit more due to my chronic medical issues. It’s about three weeks for me. But I feel so much better and am off many hardcore medications. Good luck, and God bless!

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