Can Blood Loss when Drawn Cause Anxiety Attacks to Anemic People?

Can a blood draw (6 vials) trigger an anxiety attack to an anemic person? The anxiety attack didn’t happen while the blood was being drawn. When I got home and tried to take a nap, I kept waking up with my heart racing, feeling anxiety — wondering if blood loss commonly triggers anxiety in people with anemia.

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    Yes. It can trigger vasovagal syncope, which can be a physical response to having blood drawn. Had it once when they took 7 vials at a time. The loss of blood, especially when I was already severely anemic, did a number on me in seconds! I never thought about IDA and infusions; I always figured the health irony for ME would be Insulin-Dependent Diabetes.


    Yes, the underlying fear of anything could do that. Most of the time I can get through whatever stressful event is occurring and then have an after effect later. Usually, an adrenaline surge or blood pressure will go up, will make me feel dizzy and anxious. Blood draws don't get me nervous anymore because I do them so often, but early on I had 18 vials drawn, and the phlebotomist said while it looks like a lot of blood, it's not really that much, less than if you were to donate blood.

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